Sit Down with Vlasta Weddings: Interview with Top Wedding Photographers in Como

  • Publication date: 04/14/2024
  • Updated: 04/15/2024

Vladan and Emina Gavric, top wedding photographers in Como behind Vlasta Weddings, have a rich background in photography, deeply influenced by Vladan's mother, a professional photographer. They bring their unique blend of experience in fashion and journalism to the world of wedding photography. 

Vladan and Emina's journey in photography spans over a decade, with a significant part of it dedicated to wedding photography. Their transition from fashion photography to weddings was not just a change in focus but an evolution of their artistic expression. 

The Essence of Vlasta's Photography

Photo by Vlasta Weddings
Photo by Vlasta Weddings

Their style is best described as editorial and personalized. "Our style is editorial and personalized. We strive to deliver timeless photos that are a mix of finely curated details, beautifully posed portraits as well as real, joyful, and unexpected moments. When photographing a wedding we instinctively know when to step forward and take the lead, or step back and let a moment happen," they explain. This unique blend ensures that each wedding album is not just a collection of photos but a timeless story told through images. 

They emphasize the effort behind each shot, "Capturing effortlessly editorial images actually takes a tremendous amount of effort and advance planning on our part so we work closely with each couple to ensure they get exactly what they hoped for. We combine the use of natural light with flash and directed light to get the best results out of any situation."

Crafting the Perfect Shot

Photo by Vlasta Weddings
preview-photographers-vlasta-weddings-portfolio-photo-200675 (1).jpg
Photo by Vlasta Weddings

Vlasta Weddings primarily uses digital mirrorless R6 Canon cameras with RF 28-70mm 2.0 lenses, and they are fond of using flash in their photography. When it comes to post-processing, they have a very hands-on approach. "We edit all our weddings ourselves and we never outsource it since we are very particular about how we want our photos to look, we work with our own preset enhancing the natural colours and keeping accurate skin tones which is very important to us," they state, highlighting their commitment to maintaining the integrity and quality of their images.

In terms of wedding coverage, they offer a range of options to suit different needs. "10 hours is the average," they explain, "we have packages starting at 6 hours but also a 3-day wedding package." This flexibility is key to their service, as they understand that each wedding is unique. Furthermore, they are open to working closely with couples to create custom packages. "Yes, we are open to making custom packages," they confirm, showing their willingness to tailor their services to meet the specific requirements of each couple.

Building Relationships and Experiencing Cultures

Photo by Vlasta Weddings
Photo by Vlasta Weddings

For Vladan and Emina, photography is more than just a profession; it's a means to explore the world and connect with diverse cultures. “The opportunities to travel and meet different people and cultures, having friends all over the world now is one of the best things we got out of this job,” they say. 

When working with clients, they emphasize the importance of clear communication and thorough preparation. "We love showing our full wedding galleries to future clients (not just a selection of best photos) so they know exactly what they can expect from us and whether we are a good fit," they say, ensuring that their clients know exactly what to expect from their services. They also advise clients to communicate their wishes and expectations clearly while remaining open to new ideas or poses. "Get a good night's sleep before," they add, stressing the importance of being well-rested.

Their passion for travel and meeting people from various backgrounds is evident. "Almost all our weddings are destination weddings," they share, with a notable preference for Italy, where they conduct around 70% of their weddings.

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