Scott H Wilson’s Photographic Journey from Nature’s Splendor

  • Publication date: 02/15/2024
  • Updated: 02/15/2024

"Inspired by the outdoors and natural light. My photography journey started with my dog. Long walks exploring and finding beautiful light together." These are the words Scott H. Wilson, a top wedding photographer in Ottawa, uses to describe the humble beginnings of his 12-year-long photography career. It's a story that began not in a studio, but amidst nature's splendor, accompanied by his four-legged friend. This charming start laid the foundation for a style that's both natural and timeless.

Scott's Approach to Photography

Photo by Scott H Wilson
Photo by Scott H Wilson

When asked about his style, Scott succinctly states, "Natural, timeless & candid." This approach permeates every aspect of his work. He has a unique way of seeing the world, one that captures the essence of the moment without the intrusion of artificiality. His equipment choices reflect this ethos, ranging from the modern Canon R6 and Leica Q2 to the classic film cameras like the Contax G1 and Pentax 645n.

The Art of Post-Processing and Client Engagement

Photo by Scott H Wilson
Photo by Scott H Wilson

In post-processing, Scott follows a principle that ensures his work remains evergreen. "I want my images to look timeless, I try not to follow any trends. I draw my main inspiration from film tones," he explains. This approach ensures that his photographs remain as relevant and beautiful decades from now as they are today.

Working with clients, Scott's adaptability shines through. He understands that every client is unique and adjusts his approach accordingly. "I adapt to each client differently depending on what type of vibe they want for their day. Some want a ton of portraits, some prefer things to be more candid and just want to enjoy the experience. I aim for the latter," he says, highlighting his preference for capturing unposed, authentic moments.

The Joy and Business of Photography

Photo by Scott H Wilson
Photo by Scott H Wilson

For Scott, photography is more than a job; it's a source of profound joy. "It’s Very rewarding. I give up most weekends but I can attend extremely fun parties, the best days of most people’s lives," he shares. This joy is evident in the energy and dedication he brings to each event, whether it’s a wedding or any other significant occasion.

In terms of business, Scott is quite methodical. He averages about 30 weddings a year, with each event receiving 8-10 hours of his creative time. Moreover, he is always ready to work with couples to create custom packages, tailoring his services to their specific needs.

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