Sara Renee Events: Legacy to Luxe Weddings

  • Publication date: 06/23/2024
  • Updated: 06/25/2024

In the vibrant heart of New York, where the skyline is a testament to dreams both big and small, there exists a visionary redefining the essence of wedding planning. Sara Renee Events, under the guidance of its eponymous founder, Sara, emerges not just as a company, but as a haven for those daring to dream of a wedding beyond the ordinary. With a palpable passion and an unwavering dedication, Sara invites us into her world, where every wedding is a masterpiece waiting to unfold.

From Dance Floors to Dream Weddings: Sara’s Story

“My journey started on the dance floors of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, where my role as a dancer unexpectedly introduced me to the allure of event planning,” Sara reminisces. It wasn’t just the events that inspired her; it was the legacy of her father, Mel Lowell, a prominent figure behind the scenes at Madison Square Garden. “Going to work with my father is my greatest memory. Going backstage at every Dog Show and concert groomed me for this industry.”

Chaos, Creativity, and the Art of Wedding Planning

Sara's approach to wedding planning is unlike any other. “I was a horrible student growing up. My brain was always on fire. I THRIVE in chaos, and I am a great multitasker. What I love about weddings is my ability to put out fires and do 50 different things at one time. I love that every weekend I am with a different group from a different place. I love making dreams come true and most importantly I LOVE running the event. Making fast decisions that can make or break the event. I LOVE IT ALL!,” she shares. Sara finds joy in the unpredictability of weddings, thriving in situations that demand quick thinking and creativity. 

The Philosophy That Guides Sara Renee Events

The essence of Sara Renee Events is encapsulated in the belief that like attracts like. “Your vibe attracts your tribe. We can honestly say we have the best clients. I am a believer in getting back what you put out. My favorite weddings to plan are all of my weddings right now. I have reached a point in my career, where my clients respect me and listen to me. It took me many years to get here,” Sara reflects. This belief in mutual respect and understanding has cultivated a clientele that trusts Sara implicitly, making every wedding a favorite project. “Years ago, my answer might have been different. But today, every wedding I plan is a favorite because it’s built on trust and respect.”

Exclusive Full-Service Planning: Crafting Personalized Experiences

“We are a FULL SERVICE EVENT PLANNING COMPANY. Our commitment is to provide an all-encompassing planning experience. While we specialize in full-service planning, we also cater to clients closer to their special day through The Guru Girls, offering 'One Month Out' planning,” Sara Events explains. This dedication to personalized service underscores Sara's approach to wedding planning: listening to the couple's desires and turning those dreams into reality. “We LISTEN, and we do not plan your wedding for our social media. We do not care if you want disposable linens and Chipotle at your wedding.”

Overcoming Challenges and Staying True to Budgets

Reflecting on past challenges, Sara doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 on the wedding industry. “COVID-19 for sure was the hardest challenge in Wedding Planning. Aside from that, we do not have any challenges. Our clients listen, and we have great relationships with our Hotel Partners and Vendors. This makes a very drama-free Wedding Planning experience.” When it comes to budgeting, Sara’s advice is both practical and whimsical. “Don't think you have to do what everyone is doing. If you want to serve Mozzarella Cheese sticks, GO FOR IT! Who says weddings have to be a ballroom of Gowns and Tuxedos? Whatever you do, just do it all the way and right.”

The Ultimate Dream: A Wedding in Southeast Asia

Despite having organized weddings in countless dream venues, Sara still has a location on her bucket list. “We have done it all and have been everywhere. We love all our Hotel partners here and across the globe. I would love to plan a wedding someplace in South East Asia!”

Sara Renee Events stands as a beacon for those seeking a wedding that breaks molds and embraces the true essence of the couple. With Sara at the helm, every wedding is not just an event; it's a journey into the heart of what makes each love story unique. Through her eyes, we see the beauty of embracing chaos, the importance of genuine connections, and the endless possibilities when you dare to open up.

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