Romantic Locations for Love Story Wedding Photoshoots in Paris

  • Publication date: 05/13/2024
  • Updated: 05/13/2024

The scent of coffee, croissants, and gentle romantic music intertwine in the Parisian air, creating an atmosphere of love. The city's architectural masterpieces not only serve as a backdrop for romantic moments but also inspire creativity and open new perspectives for a wedding photoshoot.

In this collection, we have selected unique locations that will help you create unforgettable shots, reflecting your unique love story in the beautiful city of Paris. Choose locations based on your personal style and passions, and discuss with your photographer, who can offer unique ideas and perspectives for your Love Story photoshoot in Paris.

Place de l'Opéra

This route whisks you straight into the historical heart of Paris, surrounding you with stupendous architectural treasures at every turn. The crown jewel is unquestionably the Opéra Garnier, a magnificent Baroque confection draped in opulent details, from its profusion of statues to its stately Corinthian columns. The rich history and awe-inspiring grandeur of this edifice create a dramatic, picture-perfect backdrop for portraits brimming with old-world flair.

But the splendors don't end there - stylish cafés, equally historic buildings, and fascinating pocket parks dot the nearby surrounding area, providing even more romantic vistas to explore through your lens.

Photo by Ha Nguyen
Photo by Ha Nguyen

Route from Place de la Concorde to Musée du Louvre

This photography route is simply overflowing with potential for frame-worthy magic at every turn. Commence your journey at the stately Place de la Concorde, one of Paris' largest and most famous public squares. From there, meander down the charming Rue de Rivoli, the street's stately mansions and manicured gardens providing a delightful entryway to the Tuileries Gardens themselves. Be sure to take full advantage of this lush oasis by lingering along the picturesque paths and amid the verdant blooms - the possibilities for dreamy, romantic captures are endless.

Your final destination is perhaps Paris' most iconic landmark: the showstopping glass pyramid that serves as the grand entrance to the illustrious Louvre museum. This contemporary architectural marvel provides a striking, singular backdrop for portraits that celebrate the uniqueness of your own love story.

Photo by @sheenaoliveraphotography
Photo by @sheenaoliveraphotography

Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge

Come nightfall, these photos set against the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge will attain an air of pure magic and fantasy. As the City of Light's twinkling strands illuminate the sky in warm amber hues, the shimmering Seine River, with its tiny boats and reflected lights, creates a warm, fairytale-esque ambiance that elevates your romantic portraits into the realm of the ethereal.

The bridge itself, with its streamlined steel arches inspired by the Normandy tradition, is considered one of the most beautiful and photogenic locales in all of Paris. The views overlooking the Seine, framed by the one-and-only Eiffel Tower, provide a dream setting for creative portraits brimming with romantic whimsy and unparalleled Parisian charm.

Photo by @eya_weddingphotography
Photo by @eya_weddingphotography


A veritable jewel box of romantic delights, the Montmartre quartier feels more like an enchanting village perched atop one of Paris' trademark rolling hills than a bustling city district. Whimsical homes, paved in stone and adorned with curling vines, sit nestled along winding cafe-lined corridors that exude an aura of Bohemian allure. Historic sights like the picturesque hilltop church, Sacré-Cœur, a pair of iconic centuries-old windmills, and the remnants of vineyards hint at the area's rich artistic legacy that still draws creatives today.

From Montmartre's highest point, you're treated to a sweeping panorama of the City of Light's illustrious skyline - a view simply made for capturing magical couple portraits. If your love story has a free-spirited, bohemian flair, this uniquely charming, off-the-beaten-track quartier provides an unbeatable setting for unforgettable images imbued with that distinctly Parisian je ne sais quoi.

Photo by @anne.lapina
Photo by @anne.lapina

Rue Saint-Denis

Beneath its historic veneer of grandly-aged façades, the Rue Saint-Denis pulses with an undercurrent of edgy, urban mystique. This renowned thoroughfare, one of Paris' oldest and a former kings' road, is lined with architectural eye candy ranging from Baroque Revival gems like the Porte Saint-Denis arch to antiqued storefronts dripping with vintage charm. Yet these stately edifices sit seamlessly amid trendy boutiques, bustling cafés, and a youthful, almost grittily Bohemian spirit.

If you envision an edgier, more urban-chic vibe for your wedding celebration and portraits, the Rue Saint-Denis provides the perfect gritty-meets-grandiose setting. While certainly a popular locale, the area's delightful jostle adds layers of authenticity and vibrant energy to your shoot, capturing the true essence of amour in one of Paris' most storied neighborhoods.

Photo by @cassidydavisphoto
Photo by @cassidydavisphoto

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