Robert Marcillas: A Master Storyteller Capturing the Beauty of Love

  • Publication date: 05/10/2024
  • Updated: 05/14/2024

Robert Marcillas is a captivating and enigmatic figure in the realm of Barcelona wedding photography, whose unique approach to his craft sets him apart from the conventional, formulaic methods often found in the industry. Unlike the typical wedding photographer, Robert dances to the beat of his own drum, weaving a tapestry of timeless, natural, and documentary-style imagery that transports the viewer to the very heart of the moment.

A Timeless, Natural, and Documentary Aesthetic

When describing his photographic style, Robert Marcillas explains, "My photographic style strives for a timeless, natural, and documentary aesthetic, allowing me to create tangible memories that transport you back to those moments." This commitment to a timeless and natural approach is evident in his work, which eschews the overly posed and heavily edited images that have become all too common in the genre. “The knowledge that all my couples will remember the most special day of their lives through my lens is undoubtedly fulfilling,” he states.

Robert’s mastery of his craft is further exemplified by his embrace of both digital and analog mediums. "For my work, I use both digital and analog cameras, depending on the moment and situation," he shares, demonstrating his technical prowess and his ability to adapt to the unique demands of each shooting environment.

Personalized Approach and Collaborative Spirit

Robert Marcillas' dedication to his craft is evident in his unwavering commitment to open communication with his clients. "I maintain open communication with my clients to understand their interests, thereby ensuring I capture the best photos possible," he states. This personalized approach, coupled with his unparalleled attention to detail, results in photographs that are not merely snapshots, but rather, cherished heirlooms that will be passed down through generations.

In terms of his wedding count per year, Robert’s comfortable capacity is 25 weddings per year. When it comes to coverage, he typically provides 10-12h of for each wedding or event. Robert is also adept at collaborating with couples to create custom packages that meet their specific needs. "Yes, it is what I usually do," he affirms. 

“When clients decide to work with me, I provide them with various guides and documents to help them feel at ease and ensure the photos turn out well. So yes, I do offer advice. The most important piece of advice I can give is to let things flow naturally," Robert adds. This flexible and personalized approach to his work further solidifies his reputation as a photographer who truly values the unique desires and needs of each couple he works with, ensuring that their wedding day memories are preserved with the utmost care and attention.

Embracing the Allure of Destination Weddings

Robert Marcillas' adventurous spirit extends beyond the traditional wedding setting, as he embraces the allure of destination weddings, with a particular fondness for the enchanting city of Paris. "Of course, only a maximum of 5 per year. Paris is a destination I love to photograph," he reveals. In these far-flung locales, his lens captures the essence of love, weaving a tapestry of timeless, evocative images that transcend the boundaries of time and space.

In a world where wedding photography often falls victim to predictability and conformity, Robert Marcillas stands as a beacon of creative brilliance, a master storyteller whose work invites the viewer to pause, feel, and cherish the fleeting moments that make life truly extraordinary.

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