Rebecca Rees: Unveiling the Artistry of the Professional Photographer in the UK

  • Publication date: 11/07/2023
  • Updated: 01/11/2024

We want to introduce you to the enigmatic Rebecca Rees, one of the top 10 photographers in London, United Kingdom. Drenched in glamour and a touch of nostalgia, her journey is nothing short of intriguing!

A Glamorous Backdrop

Photo by Rebecca Rees
Photo by Rebecca Rees

"Before starting my photography business," Rebecca began, "I worked for over ten years in women's fashion." Imagine this: our dynamic lady was the online Picture Editor at British Vogue. And if that doesn’t woo you enough, she later graced Harper's Bazaar magazine in Dubai with her skills as the Picture Director. Quite a voyage through the world of haute couture, we must say!

Delving deeper into her inspirations, she revealed, "My work is heavily influenced by my fashion and editorial background as well as my love for shooting on film." Now, who among us doesn't appreciate that classic touch?

The Evolution of a Photographer

Photo by Rebecca Rees
Photo by Rebecca Rees

2015 marked a pivotal turn for Rebecca. That's when she entered the world of wedding photography. When quizzed about her signature style, she mused, "Editorial whilst also capturing authentic and natural moments." Can we just pause and appreciate that blend?

As for the tools, it's a blend of modern and vintage. "I use the digital Canon R6s," she noted, "as well as medium format and 35mm analogue film cameras." And the cherry on top? The iconic 1960s Canon Super 8 video cameras. We're swooning!

Crafting Memories and Moments

Photo by Rebecca Rees
Photo by Rebecca Rees

The behind-the-scenes magic, as Rebecca puts it, involves a trusty film lab and meticulous attention in Lightroom. "My digital images are carefully curated and colour corrected," she explained.

And what drives this passionate photographer? "Being able to use my creativity and imagination to tell a story, capture a feeling, and then make it a tangible heirloom," Rebecca shared, her enthusiasm palpable, "is one of the best things about my job."

Collaborative Dance with Clients

Photo by Rebecca Rees
Photo by Rebecca Rees

Rebecca isn't just about the camera and shots. She's about the people. "I very much feel like the images I produce are a collaboration between myself and my couples," she earnestly stated. From understanding her clients’ desires, and discussing the finer details, to meticulous planning - she ensures a shared vision shines through in every frame.

When it comes to coverage, she typically offers "10-12 hours wedding day coverage," and extends her artistry to welcome parties and lively post-wedding pool parties. Thinking of an idyllic destination wedding? She's all in, especially if it's in her favorite locale: Italy. And a parting shot of wisdom from Rebecca for your special day: "Put together a feel-good playlist when you are getting ready. It lifts the mood and sets the tone for the entire day."

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