Preserving Love in Timeless Frames: The Enchanting World of Blush Wedding Photography

  • Publication date: 05/16/2024
  • Updated: 05/16/2024

Welcome to the vibrant world of Blush Wedding Photography, a place where love stories are immortalized in a timeless tableau of moments. In this exploration, we delve deeper into the inner workings of Blush Wedding Photography, the best wedding photographers in Vancouver BC, unfolding its journey, aesthetic, and the charismatic presence of its founder - Kristy Yiem. Buckle up as we navigate through the charming corridors of this renowned photography studio, where every snapshot whispers a tale of love, celebration, and magical moments!

A Journey from Classroom to the World of Photography

Let's set the stage. Kristy Yiem started her journey as an elementary school teacher. While most would find comfort in the innocence of chalkboards and storytelling, Kristy felt an artistic itch that needed scratching. She says, "I never thought I could support myself as an artist, so I became an elementary school teacher, thinking I could still be creative with the kids." That's when destiny led her to a night photography class. In her own words, "I did a night photography class one day and I was hooked." 

Before long, she had cast her teaching role aside and immersed herself in the world of photography. Two years down the line, she was winning awards and seeing her work published in magazines. That was when she knew she was "on the right path."

Defining their Photography Style

When it comes to their style, Blush Wedding Photography is not one for fleeting trends. Their approach is timeless, and authentic, with an editorial touch that gives each photo a unique flair. As Kristy puts it, "We have a timeless and authentic style with an editorial touch and a fine art edit."

The Art of Post-Processing and Client Satisfaction

But a photo, to Blush Photographer, isn't just about the click. They see beauty in the details and go the extra mile to enhance it. "We actually edit our images quite a bit, removing distracting elements. But we try to edit so it doesn't look edited, it just looks naturally and effortlessly beautiful," Kristy explains. When asked about the team’s favorite part of working in this sphere, Kristy answers with joy, "Really, everything! The genuine and thoughtful people we meet in this job has been the best surprise." What a delightful outlook!

Their approach to clients is as individual as they are. "Every couple is different," Kristy says, "so it's important to be able to read the couple and what they need to feel comfortable and confident that you are there to capture their day as they envision."

Weddings, Packages, and the Magic of Destination Weddings

On an annual basis, Kristy admits the team comfortably manages around 27 weddings but ends up beautifully orchestrating around 40. The team is there for their couples for about 10-12 hours per event, starting their services at $9800 for a 10-hour package. But they’re all about flexibility, telling us, "Yes, we always tweak packages to fit the couples needs for their wedding."

And if your dreams envision a wedding somewhere far off, Kristy says the team is ready to pack their bags. She confirms, "Yes, we do many destination weddings all over the world." And their favorite spots? Italy and France.

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