Preserving Love in Timeless Pictures: The Story of Jaymo Jaymes, One of the Best Photographers in New York City

  • Publication date: 08/15/2023
  • Updated: 08/15/2023

Allow us to introduce you to Jaymo Jaymes, a renowned wedding photographer in New York. Now, you might ask, "What's the canvas? What's the medium?" The answers are the moments of life and the fleeting photons that create unforgettable pictures. A knack for it, you wonder? Absolutely. This photographer crafts memories into beautifully tangible photographs, akin to a conductor orchestrating a symphony of light and shadow.

Quoting Jaymo’s verbatim, "Life is too precious not to be documented." This sentiment became the beacon that guided him into the grand arena of photography during his teenage years. Now, the journey is more than a decade long, with each year adding a few more beautiful chapters to an already illustrious book filled with wedding bells, passionate couples, and timeless moments of joy and celebration.

Behind the Camera: The Art and the Artist

Photo by Jaymo Jaymes
Photo by Jaymo Jaymes

To describe his unique style,  Jaymo aptly put it, "I like to think of my work as luxuriously crafted wedding photography, with an elegant and modern touch." It's like a swanky gala in a sleek, futuristic skyscraper. There's a distinct aura of refinement in each click of his trusted Canon R5 camera, be it through the 50mm or the 35mm lens.

"But how does a picture come to life?", you might wonder. The answer lies in the post-processing magic. As the artist explains, "I color correct all images and, if needed, slightly retouch imperfections that might appear on the day." With these gentle tweaks, the artist paints the canvas of reality into a masterpiece of memory.

A Journey Through The Lens of Love and Joy

Photo by Jaymo Jaymes
Photo by Jaymo Jaymes

When we prodded about Jaymo’s favorite part of being a photographer, the answer was a heartfelt ode to the art itself. His satisfaction derives from capturing the very essence of weddings - the joy, the love, the passage of time immortalized in a frame. The photographer beautifully articulated this feeling, saying, "I love how photographs possess the ability to hold a value that only grows with time, and having the privilege and the opportunity to create these kind memories that bring joy to people's lives is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling."

Collaborating with clients and sculpting their expectations into the finest art is another cornerstone of his craft. Jaymo and his team strive to create an unforgettable experience, underpinned by trust and mutual respect. He shared with us that "my best work is done when I can understand the nuances and quirks that make a couple's love unique."

Embracing the Essence of Each Event

Photo by Jaymo Jaymes
Photo by Jaymo Jaymes

Keeping a comfortable pace, our lens wizard prefers to cover around 30-40 weddings per year. He’s up for a solid 8-10 hours of coverage, promising a meticulously crafted story in the form of stunning images. At a starting price of $17,500 for a 10-hour session, it might seem steep, but we assure you that the final result is more than worth the investment.

Does he cater to custom requests? Absolutely! Jaymo is more than happy to work with couples to craft a custom package, ensuring the service is as unique as the love story it encapsulates. And, if your dreams take you far and wide, he’s down for it! Europe has been a favored destination so far, adding an international touch to his impressive portfolio.

In the end, Jaumo has a simple yet profound tip for anyone stepping in front of his camera. He urges you to "relax and enjoy your wedding or photoshoot without stressing about minor details that might go wrong. Remember, the best moments and photographs are captured when you are fully present and having fun, celebrating your love with your loved ones."

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