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  • Publication date: 02/24/2024
  • Updated: 02/24/2024

"LLG Events was born unconventionally," begins Lauren Grech, with a hint of amusement in her voice. She describes her unexpected transition from a career in Biology and Forensic Science to the enchanting world of weddings. "I was working at the medical examiner’s office in New York City when my now husband, Paul, proposed," she recalls. "The first wedding I ever planned was mine! I immediately fell in love with the world of weddings and I could not see myself doing anything else." This pivotal moment led to the birth of LLG Events, a decision made just four months after her wedding.

Philosophy and Joy in Wedding Planning

Photo LLG Events
Photo LLG Events

Lauren speaks passionately about her love for wedding planning. "Weddings feel like a movie set, an alternate reality. And for 6 hours you can transform any space to feel like you're own," she says, her eyes lighting up. "They're awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, larger-than-life experiences that I love being a part of. I enjoy the people and the connection to different communities and cultures. I love being part of a milestone moment in one's life and creating an epic celebration filled with everlasting memories. I enjoy seeing the couple walk down the aisle, full of hope and promise of a better future together."

She emphasizes the importance of personalization in her approach. "My philosophy about weddings is creating memories focused on the couple and their marriage. What cultural traditions are they going to infuse with their marriage? What music, food, and ambiance are they going to create in their future home? My goal is to meld the couple's dreams with event reality. Making the impossible seem possible all while making sure the day represents them and all the things they love," Lauren explains.

She believes in making the wedding a reflection of the couple's personalities and shared joys. "My favorite events to plan are the ones where couples go all in on the details. From their matching attire to the Spotify playlist, they create together to hear all of their favorite music. With my weddings, it's not just about what goes on the tables, it's about the subtle details throughout every moment that truly make the wedding so special."

Comprehensive Services and Client Approach

Photo LLG Events
Photo LLG Events

When it comes to the services offered, Lauren's enthusiasm is evident. "I offer full-service wedding planning and event design for clients in and around NYC and around the world," she says proudly. "I plan every single wedding celebration for my clients, including the bridal shower, welcome/rehearsal dinner, the wedding day including the after party and the brunch."

Her expertise extends to managing multi-cultural, multi-day celebrations, ensuring every religious and cultural nuance is respected and incorporated. "I manage every aspect of the wedding celebration including the design for each of your events, the event flow, floorplan ideation, RSVP tracking for all guests, your wedding website, and much more. I manage your decision fatigue ensuring I pace the wedding planning process to feel less overwhelming and more enjoyable."

"Because I am so process-oriented," she notes, "my wedding calendar changes every year and truly depends on the scale of the event production for each wedding."

Memorable Weddings and Challenges

Photo LLG Events
Photo LLG Events

"I truly hold space in my heart for all my weddings and my clients," Lauren states. "The one that sticks out the most is Bora Bora. Only one other planner before me has ever executed a wedding at this level in such a remote destination." She recounts the challenges of executing a wedding, dealing with time differences, and reserving space on cargo ships for essentials.

"My team pushed boundaries for this event. We had to be really creative in terms of the design as it was logistically complex for a number of reasons. In this type of planning environment you really need to be on top of the project schedule as there is little margin for error." she recalls. "But that's what made it so much more exciting and rewarding when it all came together. The wedding week was so perfect and every aspect was executed according to plan. It was truly a career highlight."

She also opens up about the challenges she faces, notably in setting boundaries. "It's so important to give yourself and your team time to refresh and unwind," Lauren advises, emphasizing the importance of self-care in a demanding industry. "Events are hyper and require a lot of energy. You need some downtime in order to regroup and get ready for the next round. I now take every Sunday off, and I am home in time for family dinner. This grounds me, and helps me stay consistent and present for all my clients."

Budget Management and Client Advice

Photo LLG Events
Photo LLG Events

Lauren offers sage advice on staying within budget. "Focus on your priorities and non-negotiables," she suggests. "If you know what you really want or care about, I will navigate you on how to best invest in those areas." She talks about working through various versions of the wedding budget with her clients, helping them identify what they value most. "This visual helps us identify what you prioritize and what I should prioritize as your wedding planner," she explains.

To couples currently planning their weddings, her main advice is simple yet profound: "Have fun! Stress less :)"

Dream Venues and Future Aspirations

Photo LLG Events
Photo LLG Events

As for her dream venue, Lauren doesn't hesitate. "Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc," she says dreamily. She also shares her favorite venues in New York, like the New York Public Library and The Plaza Hotel, where she has crafted numerous fairy-tale weddings. With a comfortable limit of 12 to 20 weddings a year, Lauren ensures each event is given the attention and creativity it deserves, always aiming to exceed expectations and create unforgettable experiences for her clients.

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