MUSE Event Co. Share Their Journey and Philosophy Behind Designing Perfect Weddings

  • Publication date: 04/21/2024

Laura Atendido and Ellie Eccleton, the creative forces behind Toronto’s top wedding planning company MUSE Event Co., bring nearly twenty years of rich experience to the world of wedding planning. "A natural love affair with the essence of weddings is what started it for us, and a passion for creative storytelling, design, elevated guest experience and flawless execution keeps us here," they share, "We are of the mindset of helping our clients and their families create a truly one day, one night only experience, where expectations are surpassed, memories are the ones you talk about for years to come, and love is truly at the heart of the energy & sheer emotion in the room."

The Philosophy and Services of MUSE Event Co.

MUSE Event Co. is synonymous with style, creativity, and flawless execution. "We specialize in Full Service Planning & Design, Destination Wedding Planning and Day of Coordination," they explain. "We also offer planning services for social and corporate events, and can customize packages as needed." This customization extends to their pricing, with a range of options to suit different budgets. "we accept a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that all our clients align with our style and approach, " they explain. "We are with our clients every step of the way - our design ideas originate in-house and we dedicate over 1,000 hours to each couple & family we work with."

Their company philosophy is about creating one-of-a-kind experiences. "After nearly two decades of experience, the MUSE Event Co. team has become synonymous with stylishly designed, carefully curated, and flawlessly executed events," they say with a smile.

“There are so many aspects about wedding planning to love," they reflect. "From the design journey to the personal relationships you build with your clients to the "my heart is so full" moments we have when you get to watch the final touches come together on the event day and see our clients living their best lives, in the moments we privileged to help create."

They add, "It's really about aligning budget and expectations in the initial phase of the planning. We need to ensure those two elements align first and foremost so that everyone is set up for success. From there, we get creative and take the lead to guide the entire planning process and the many many decisions at hand, solving problems clients often don't even know exist, constantly evolving and elevating the wedding concept, placing an emphasis on trust and confidence along the way."

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Triumphs in Wedding Planning

One of MUSE's most memorable weddings was that of Toronto Maple Leaf Mitch Marner. "Our team and fellow vendors were challenged in first half of the wedding day with one of the most torrential downpours we have had in years," they recall. "Given it was an outdoor wedding, we naturally had rain plans in our front pocket, but Mother Nature was fierce nonetheless.... That said, what makes this wedding day most memorable is the sheer amount of work and unseen efforts behind the scenes by our team and the incredible team of vendors we worked with to ensure that this wedding went off seamlessly. By the time the sun came out, just as the ceremony was finishing, the outdoor reception was ready to welcome guests without a sign of what had just come through hours earlier."

This story highlights the challenges and triumphs of wedding planning. "It's hard to describe in words, just how special it is to be a part of that kind of success story when the story is one couple’s, once in a lifetime."

The Future of MUSE: Dreams and Advice for Couples

Looking ahead, MUSE dreams of organizing destination weddings in the Bahamas, Florida, and Italy. "We are dreaming of some amazing destination weddings coming up in 2024 & 2025," they say excitedly.

Both Laura and Ellie emphasize the importance of enjoying the engagement phase. "Best advice is to remember that this phase of being engaged is meant to be enjoyed," they advise. "Planning a wedding, even with a fabulous planner is still added work and will bring added stressors at times. For that reason, make it a point to plan extra date nights throughout the planning, little getaways when you can, and set boundaries like "no wedding talk at tonight's dinner" - we adore weddings, we love everything about them, but we also know how important it is to continue to make your relationship a priority amongst the wedding planning and give yourselves time to just enjoy this chapter together sans wedding to do's, checklists and those sometimes dreaded conversations.”

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