Moments of Intimacy and Luxury: A Journey of Rachael Kazmier Photography

  • Publication date: 03/22/2024
  • Updated: 03/22/2024

As we take another deep dive into the world of photography, we present to you the enchanting realm of Rachael Kazmier Photography, one of the top photographers in Chicago. Join us as we journey through her story, style, and special touch.

A Blend of Artistic Flair and Business Acumen

Photo by Rachael Kazmier
Photo by Rachael Kazmier

Right from the onset, Rachael revealed to us, "I learned film photography from a young age and studied business in college." Imagine that—a young enthusiast finding her passion while juggling the demands of business school. Come 2018, she found her heart's calling. "I got my start with weddings in 2018 and fell in love with every aspect of them - the emotions, the details, the love!" she reminisced. And we can't help but nod in agreement. After all, who wouldn’t be captivated by weddings?

Rachael's Signature Photography Style

Photo by Rachael Kazmier
Photo by Rachael Kazmier

You might be itching to ask what makes Rachael's style stand out. Well, we have you covered. Her work is reminiscent of a sunlit waltz - it's "elegant and joyful." With a touch of nostalgia, her shots exude timelessness, or as she beautifully puts it, they are "everlasting." But what really caught our attention? Her revelation is that her work is "film-inspired." It's like revisiting those classic films on a cozy afternoon.

When it comes to equipment, Rachael combines tradition with modernity. She enthusiastically shared, "I use a Canon R6 mirrorless (digital) and a Pentax 645 (film)." And for those technophiles out there, her post-processing secret? "I edit my digital photos in Lightroom using TAP presets," she disclosed.

The Heart and Soul of Her Work

Photo by Rachael Kazmier
Photo by Rachael Kazmier

It's about more than just the tech or the art for Rachael. For her, it's profoundly personal. "I love the creative side of photography," she began, "but most of all, I love working with and serving people on their most cherished days." And how does she ensure each client feels unique? Her approach is akin to the most luxurious VIP treatment. "I am passionate about serving a limited number of clients per year to provide a bespoke & luxury experience for each one. My style is high-touch and full of heart."

Thinking of a grand event? She's your gal. Opting for an intimate, memorable ceremony? Perfect, because she takes on "15-20 weddings a year." And if you're worried about how long she’ll be around to capture those moments, she's got you for "8-10 hours." 

Traveling with Rachael: From Domestic Shores to European Elegance

Photo by Rachael Kazmier
Photo by Rachael Kazmier

For those with a sense of adventure, or dreams of an overseas vow exchange, Rachael's got some enticing news. "The majority of my work is destination," she said. Her favorites? "Southern California and Charleston are my top domestic picks. But France and Italy, they're my international favorites."

And her advice for clients? "Choose clothes, hair & makeup that you feel confident in, trust your photographer, and have fun!"

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