Meghan Hemstra: The Photographer Who Weaves Extraordinary Memories

  • Publication date: 05/21/2024
  • Updated: 05/21/2024

Meghan Hemstra is a photographer who calls Vancouver her home. This isn’t your average tale. No, this is a story of a woman who transforms everyday moments into extraordinary memories. Her work is like a breath of fresh air amidst the repetitive collections you may have come across. The photos she takes? They're more than just pretty pictures. They’re an explosion of authenticity and raw emotion that seem to jump right off the print. Are you hooked yet? We know we are!

The Unique Artistic Perspective of Meghan

Photo by Meghan Hemstra
Photo by Meghan Hemstra

Let's delve a bit deeper into Meghan's extraordinary perspective. As she told us herself, "I approach each wedding day with an intimate and elevated perspective," and she does it well! Her focus rests on those transient in-between moments, the silent whispers of the wedding day narrative often left unnoticed. Meghan doesn't just capture these moments, she brings them to life and gives them center stage in her beautifully crafted photographs.

To put it into her own words, she has a "deep reverence for the fleeting in-between moments." What's not to admire in such an artistically unique point of view? Meghan’s calm and encouraging demeanor allows her to effortlessly create a comforting environment. In this space, she collaboratively crafts "images that are captivating and inspiring" with the couples, all the while ensuring the feel remains spontaneous and natural.

Client Collaboration: Meghan's Art of Understanding

Photo by Meghan Hemstra
Photo by Meghan Hemstra

Meghan has a fascinating knack for attracting couples who share her artistic sensibility. Her clients come to her with a clear personal style, a refined vision for their wedding, and a desire to make their special day an unforgettable experience for their guests. As Meghan herself admits, "My unique perspective tends to attract couples who have a clear personal style." It seems like she's built a small admiration society of like-minded couples. A unique camaraderie, wouldn't you say?

Coverage and Flexibility: The Long Haul with Meghan

Photo by Meghan Hemstra
Photo by Meghan Hemstra

With Meghan, every couple gets full coverage of their wedding day. She's there for a solid 10 hours, capturing each tear, each smile, every shy glance, and all the laughter. That's commitment, right? But the best part is Meghan's flexibility. She explains, "I offer pre-designed collections which include coverage and albums, as well as A La Carte coverage. I'm always happy to work with couples to design a package tailored to their unique needs." Like a well-practiced yogi, Meghan bends and adjusts to meet the couple's needs. And that's just fabulous!

Traveling for Love: Meghan's Destination Weddings

Photo by Meghan Hemstra
Photo by Meghan Hemstra

One of the highlights of Meghan's work is her love for destination weddings. Yes, Meghan is ready to hop on a plane and travel far and wide to capture your special day. Picture yourself saying ‘I do’ in France, Italy, or the UK. Isn’t it just dreamy? Meghan echoes this sentiment: "I love travelling for weddings and right now I'm particularly interested in France, Italy and the UK."

So there you have it! Meghan Hemstra is a photographer who not only takes photographs but breathes life into them. With her elevated and intimate perspective, she ensures that your wedding day is as captivating and inspiring as your love story. Now, that's some commitment, isn't it?

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