Mattie C.: Visual Narratives of Destination Weddings and Artistic Fusion

  • Publication date: 05/17/2024
  • Updated: 05/17/2024

Hello! We've got quite a treat for you today. Let us introduce you to the globe-trotting master of the lens, Mattie C. This is no ordinary photographer. She is a trailblazer who fearlessly voyages between Asia, Canada, and Europe to capture love stories through her art.

The Old Masters in a New Age

Photo by Mattie C.
Photo by Mattie C.

Mattie C.'s work is more than just photographs; they are visual narratives that are deeply rooted in the enchanting world of Impressionism and the Dutch Golden Age. Recalling her inspirations, she says, "Taking inspiration from my favourite artists: Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer, etc., their teachings on composition, colour, and lighting are the core foundations to my work." Now imagine the charm of Monet's water lilies, the play of light in Rembrandt's work, or Vermeer's exquisite domestic scenes - and transpose them onto a modern, living canvas. That's the world seen through Mattie's lens.

From Fashion Runways to Wedding Aisles

Photo by Mattie C.
Photo by Mattie C.

Despite being deeply grounded in classic artistry, Mattie C. is anything but conventional. Interestingly, her journey began in the high-paced world of fashion photography. Sharing her journey, she says, "Having started my career initially as a fashion photographer over 10 years ago, my background influences my work now in creating a unique blend of painterly, timeless photos with an editorial touch." Her decade-long stint in fashion now shapes her vision, enabling her to mix timeless elegance with an edgy editorial vibe.

Global Adventures and Candid Moments

Photo by Mattie C.
Photo by Mattie C.

Mattie C. is not your average wedding photographer. She's a destination wedding photographer, capturing heartfelt moments against the backdrop of some of the most stunning locations across the globe. She aptly mentions, "Working with amazing couples from all over the world!" And she doesn't just capture poses; she captures emotions, interactions, and spontaneous moments of joy, crafting a visual narrative of her clients' most special day.

Directly quoting her approach, Mattie says, "On a wedding day I do a mixed approach of posed portraitures and photojournalism. My couples can get the best of both worlds - editorial portraits and lots of candid moments!" The balance she strikes gives her photos a unique, refreshing quality that speaks volumes about her ability to understand and cater to her clients' needs.

Destination Weddings: French Vineyards and Italian Canals

Photo by Mattie C.
Photo by Mattie C.

Mattie is particularly captivated by destination weddings, especially in the romantic locales of France and Italy. Her words light up as she says, "Yes! France and Italy are my favourites at the moment." Who could resist the allure of Bordeaux's vineyards or the tranquil canals of Venice?

In conclusion, Mattie C. is more than a photographer. She's a fusion of an artist inspired by the grandeur of classic art, a seasoned fashion photographer with a modern twist, and an adventurous globetrotter with a knack for capturing candid moments. She's a visual storyteller, who will transport you on an epic journey with her incredible wedding photography. 

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