Matt Godkin: Bridging Moments and Artistry

  • Publication date: 05/25/2024
  • Updated: 05/25/2024

In the ever-evolving world of wedding photography, there emerges a storyteller whose canvas is as vast as the tales of love he captures. Matt Godkin, a name synonymous with the delicate fusion of photojournalism and artful photography, invites us into a world where every snapshot is a verse in a grander love story. With a decade of experience under his belt, Matt's journey from fashion photography to immortalizing weddings presents a fascinating narrative of passion, artistry, and the relentless pursuit of beauty.

From Fashion to Forever Moments

Photo by Matt Godkin
Photo by Matt Godkin

“My background in photography is in fashion. Fell into weddings after shooting a friend's wedding and falling in love,” Matt shares. This pivotal moment not only marked a new direction in his career but also kindled a deep-seated passion for wedding photography. It was in the unscripted joy, the candid smiles, and the tears of happiness that Matt found his calling.

A Style That Speaks Volumes

When asked to describe his photography style, Matt reflects, “I'd say my style is photojournalistic and artful.” This unique approach allows Matt to weave narratives that are as authentic as they are enchanting, ensuring that each couple's story shines through in every frame.

In terms of equipment, Matt's choice reflects his commitment to quality and authenticity. "I use Leica cameras, both film and digital," he explains. This blend of old and new techniques enables Matt to capture the essence of each moment in its most natural and poignant form.

Beyond the Shutter Click

Photo by Matt Godkin
Photo by Matt Godkin

The magic doesn't end when the shutter clicks; it's only the beginning. "I use Lightroom for color grading and general editing,” Matt reveals. This careful and thoughtful process ensures that each photograph not only captures a moment in time but also the atmosphere and emotion that enveloped it.

The Joy of Photography

For Matt, photography is more than just a job—it's a way to immortalize the ephemeral, to celebrate love in its many forms. "I love blending storytelling, fine art, and portraiture to make special memories for people," he says, highlighting the essence of his passion for wedding photography.

Collaborating with Couples

Photo by Matt Godkin
Photo by Matt Godkin

Understanding and trust from the foundation of Matt's relationship with his clients. “Most of my clients book me because they like my work and trust me to capture their day authentically and artfully,” he notes. It's this mutual respect and familiarity that allows Matt to capture the true essence of the wedding day, making each photo a testament to the couple's unique story.

Custom Creations and Preparation

Always open to customization, Matt emphasizes the importance of tailoring his services to meet the specific needs and visions of his clients. His advice for couples preparing for their big day is simple yet profound: "Be yourself! Try to relax and enjoy the moment with your loved one/s. That’s how you’ll get your best photos."

A World of Weddings

Photo by Matt Godkin
Photo by Matt Godkin

Matt's love for photography knows no bounds, and this is especially true for destination weddings. "Absolutely! Italy would have to be my favorite," he confesses, speaking to his fondness for capturing love amidst breathtaking landscapes and historic backdrops.

Through the lens of Matt Godkin, every wedding is a masterpiece waiting to be revealed. His dedication to capturing the genuine, unguarded moments of love and joy ensure that the memories he creates are not only preserved but cherished for lifetimes to come. In the world of Matt Godkin Weddings, every picture tells a story, and every story is a treasure.

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