The Master Of Emotive Frames: Samm Blake, a Top Wedding Photographer in New York

  • Publication date: 08/02/2023
  • Updated: 01/11/2024

Meet Samm Blake, a strikingly unique photographer who hails from Australia and has taken root in the exciting heart of New York City. Samm boasts an impressive background that stretches back 20 years, combining her love for fine art photography and journalism. Her global adventures have seen her capturing the luxury wedding market in a variety of stunning locations from Iceland to Indonesia, the UK, UAE, and beyond. As she aptly puts it, "I have carved out a niche in the luxury wedding market, traveling regularly for wedding celebrations across the world."

Her Style and Approach

Photo by Samm Blake
Photo by Samm Blake

Samm's distinctive photography style melds together a dynamic blend of editorial, documentary, art, and fashion. Her approach to photography isn't one-size-fits-all. Instead, she tailors her technique to each unique situation, often shooting both film and digital.

"I normally bring about 7 - 10 different cameras with me to each job," she shares. "I love how each camera makes me shoot a little differently each time."

The post-processing of her images is minimal, keeping her work as authentic as possible. "My digital photographs are edited to give a similar film look," she states, reinforcing her commitment to maintaining the aesthetics of traditional film even in digital formats.

But what truly kindles the fire in Samm's heart is the experiences that come with her role. She relishes the travel and the fascinating individuals she encounters along the way. She describes it in her own words: "I love I get to step into such an intimate day and bare witness to a lifetime of friendship and intimacy between loved ones. I feel like an anthropologist at times."

Working with Clients

Photo by Samm Blake
Photo by Samm Blake

Samm's approach to working with her clients is collaborative, and she strives to understand and reflect their preferences in her work. "I see it as a collaboration," Samm insists. "I love to have some insights into what type of photography a couple loves the most and step into that, it makes it fun & different each event I photograph."

Her workload is manageable yet substantial, comfortably shooting about 20 weddings per year. Each event typically involves a 10-hour coverage. However, Samm is flexible and works with her clients to create a custom package that suits their unique needs. One crucial piece of advice she offers is to trust your photographer. "Try to let down your guard and forget the camera is there," she encourages. "Your joy will so effortlessly show in the photographs."

Photo by Samm Blake
Photo by Samm Blake

When it comes to destination weddings, Samm is all over it. Her favorite destination is always the next unexplored place, a testament to her adventurous spirit. However, she holds a particular fondness for Japan and a wedding she photographed in Tokyo.

Samm Blake's life and career are a vibrant tapestry of art, humanity, and globe-trotting adventures. From her words, we can truly sense the passion and dedication she brings to her craft. Her story serves as a reminder of the intimate beauty of life and the love she captures through her lens.

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