Lens and Love: Unveiling the Artistry of Creative Wedding Photographers in LA Beatrice Howell

  • Publication date: 10/15/2023
  • Updated: 10/15/2023

Originally hailing from sunny Southern California, Beatrice's journey with photography began in a place where the sun meets the sea. Her early initiation? "I was exposed to it from a young age through my uncle, who was a seasoned wedding photographer," she reminisced. Indeed, thanks to this family connection, young Beatrice was already navigating the world of film and digital long before many of her peers. As she charmingly puts it, "I've had a camera in hand since I could hold one."

The Signature Style of Beatrice

Photo by Beatrice Howell
Photo by Beatrice Howell

Moving on to her distinct style, it’s a delightful blend of the documentary and the editorial. More than just visuals, she creates memories that defy the test of time. "I don’t want photographs to look dated in a decade," Beatrice said passionately. Every frame, whether it bathes in vibrant colors or the elegance of black and white, tells a story. "My ultimate goal is to tell the full story of my clients, through photos I make with beautifully vibrant color or timeless black and white. I want them to love that day all over again through evoking emotions with every frame," she revealed.

Equipment and Post-Processing: Behind the Scenes

Photo by Beatrice Howel
Photo by Beatrice Howel

When asked about her gear, Beatrice’s eyes lit up. "That evolves too!" she exclaimed. Among her treasured tools are the Fuji GFX 50Sii, Sony AR7 IV, and the Contax series. But it's not just about the capture; the post-processing plays a pivotal role. Beatrice’s approach? "I like vibrant color and some BW sprinkled in terms of tones. They’re checked and adjusted as needed before they’re ready to send."

The Heart and Soul of Photography

Photo by Beatrice Howel
Photo by Beatrice Howel

The essence of photography for Beatrice? It's all about duality. She described it best when she said, "On one hand, I relish the ability to shape moments. On the other hand, there's a profound joy in simply being present." The thrill for her lies in both creating and capturing. And for those lucky enough to be her clients? Expect deep conversations to ensure everyone’s on the same page. "We have multiple conversations prior to their wedding to achieve the desired results together," she stated.

For those of you with wanderlust, Beatrice’s bags are always packed for destination weddings. Her favorite? "My favorite destination is the one I haven’t been to yet," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

In the realm of the best wedding photography services in Los Angeles, Beatrice Howell stands as a radiant beacon, seamlessly merging her passion with her profession. If you're seeking a memorable collaboration, look no further. After all, in her own words, "It’s about making photos my Clients fall in love with."

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