Lauren Fair Photography: Capturing Love's Light

  • Publication date: 06/21/2024
  • Updated: 06/21/2024

In the realm of wedding photography, where emotions run as deep as the bonds being celebrated, one name stands out for her unique ability to weave these elements into breathtaking visual narratives: Lauren Fair of Lauren Fair Photography. With over a decade of experience, Lauren has mastered the art of capturing the essence of love stories against stunning backdrops and natural moments, all while making her subjects feel effortlessly beautiful.

The Rise of a Dream

Lauren's journey into the world of photography began in college, initially photographing family and friends. This early start laid the foundation for what would become a thriving career. “I began my business while still in college, photographing family and friends, and I can't believe I get to still capture love stories over 14 years later. I want you to feel the most beautiful you've ever felt when you're in front of my camera. I spend my free time traveling through the most beautiful corners of the world, restoring our old farmhouse, relaxing in our favorite Jersey beach town, and designing homes,” Lauren shares, reflecting on her beginnings. Her passion for photography is matched only by her love for travel, restoration of her old farmhouse, and design, elements that inspire and are woven into her work.

A Vision in Light and Love

When asked to describe her photography style, Lauren paints a picture of joyful, editorial, and stylish images brimming with beautiful light and natural emotion. “My photography focuses on joyful, editorial, stylish images full of beautiful light and natural emotion. With dreamy film tones and a relaxed approach, my team and I capture our wonderful clients' days with an approach tailored to you. I specialize in iconic, exquisite, joy-filled weddings both in my home base of the Northeast, and destinations around the world,” she explains. Lauren's work is characterized by dreamy film tones and a relaxed approach, specializing in iconic, exquisite, joy-filled weddings across the Northeast and destinations around the globe.

The Tools of the Trade

Lauren's choice of equipment reflects her commitment to quality and her artistic vision. She utilizes both film and digital cameras, including Sony digital equipment and Contax 645 for film, alongside a variety of point-and-shoot cameras. This versatility allows her to capture the full spectrum of emotions and moments at weddings. “I shoot on both film and digital, edited together seamlessly with my custom profiles,” Lauren states, highlighting her meticulous attention to detail.

Post-Processing: A Painterly Touch

The unique aesthetic of Lauren Fair Photography comes to life in the post-processing stage, where Lauren employs her custom presets. “I created my own Lauren Fair Presets years ago to match my film seamlessly to my digital images! My style is natural, light, and painterly,” she notes. This approach ensures that each photo is not just a memory captured in time but a piece of art.

Inspiration and Connection

At the heart of Lauren's work is her inspiration and connection with light and her clients. She views weddings as “complex, joyous, fashion-filled, emotional, utterly beautiful celebrations.” Her approach to working with clients is relaxed and laid-back, designed to put everyone at ease and foster a joyful, conversational atmosphere.

Crafting Custom Love Stories

“I'll work closely with my couples, their planners, and designers to understand the style, aesthetic, personality, and priorities of each of my couples to create the most breathtaking gallery of images for them.”

Lauren believes in the uniqueness of each love story and offers custom collections to meet the specific needs of her clients. “Yes, always! Every collection for my clients is custom,” she affirms. This bespoke approach ensures that each couple's wedding photography is as unique as their love story.

A World of Weddings

Lauren specializes in destination weddings, with a particular fondness for Italy and France. “Yes, I specialize in destination weddings! I am always so grateful to return to two of my favorite locations, Italy and France, for weddings,” she shares, expressing her love for capturing love stories in some of the world's most beautiful locations.

In Lauren Fair Photography, couples find not just a photographer, but a storyteller who captures the essence of their love story against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes and natural moments. Lauren Fair's journey and work stand as a testament to the power of photography to capture the timeless beauty of love and celebration.

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