Laura Palacios: From English Elegance to Miami Glamour

  • Publication date: 06/14/2024
  • Updated: 06/14/2024

In the world of photography, where the essence of moments is captured and preserved, Laura Palacios stands out as an artist whose work is a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and the vibrant glamour of Miami. With a unique perspective shaped by her English upbringing and American experiences, Laura has spent a decade immortalizing the most precious memories of couples on their wedding days. Join us as we delve into the world of Laura Palacios Photography, discovering the passion, inspiration, and dedication behind her enchanting work.

From English Meadows to Miami Glamour: A Photographer’s Tale

Laura’s journey into photography is as picturesque as her work. Born in a tiny village outside of London, she spent her early years immersed in the natural beauty of the English countryside. “My childhood was spent in the woods and meadows of the English countryside. It’s here that I’m sure I started romanticizing life,” Laura recalls. This romanticization of life, as she puts it, is a thread that weaves through her photography, bringing a touch of whimsy and wonder to each frame.

The transition from the beautiful English landscapes to the vibrant life in Miami marked a significant chapter in Laura’s life. “My parents decided to make a life-changing move to Miami, and I’ve lived in America for 20 years. A lot of my approach to photography is wrapped in my English upbringing. There’s a timeless elegance to England,” she shares. This amalgamation of English elegance and Miami glamour serves as the backbone of her photographic style, merging the timeless with the contemporary in a dance of light and emotions.

The Tools of Timelessness: A Blend of Old and New

When it comes to capturing moments, Laura relies on a blend of modern technology and cherished heirlooms. “A lovely little fleet of Sony Alpha cameras, with Zeiss lenses,” she lists, highlighting her choice of gear for most assignments. However, it’s her father’s 1976 Honeywell Pentax 35 mm and its antique lenses that hold a special place in her heart. “They traveled all of Europe and South America with him. He even dropped it in Machu Picchu, and it still works like a dream,” Laura fondly recounts. This camera not only connects her to her father’s legacy but also adds a unique vintage flair to her photographs, making each shot a testament to the enduring beauty of film photography.

Capturing the Essence: The Philosophy Behind the Lens

Laura’s approach to photography transcends mere picture-taking. It’s about capturing the essence of the moment, the raw emotions, and the unguarded exchanges between loved ones. “Feeling the shift in the room when I’ve made my couple feel comfortable in front of the camera,” she describes, is what she enjoys most about being a photographer. It’s in these moments of comfort and authenticity that Laura finds her muse, transforming fleeting glances and tender touches into eternal memories.

“When they start to laugh together and sink into that natural intimacy, and I become someone simply freezing the moment,”- she recalls.

Her post-processing technique is as thoughtful as her shooting style. Preferring the natural beauty of images, she edits minimally, ensuring the photographs remain true to the moment's original feel. “I edit in Lightroom, but just like film photos, I love the 'as it was' and 'how it felt' look, and I won’t alter the shot too much,” Laura explains, emphasizing her commitment to authenticity.

The Journey Continues: Destinations and Dreams

With a passion for travel and an eye for the unique interplay of light and landscapes, Laura is always on the move, seeking new inspirations and challenges. “I always say that I’m re-inspired when I travel,” she admits, citing Paris, Sweden, The Lake District, Santa Fe, Tulum, and California as sources of her inspiration. The different qualities of light and the diverse backdrops these destinations offer reinvigorate her creativity and push her to explore new dimensions in her work.

As for the future, Laura Palacios Photography continues to strive for the perfect balance between capturing the essence of the present and weaving it into the timeless tapestry of memory. With each click of the shutter, Laura not only preserves moments but also crafts a legacy of love, joy, and beauty that will be cherished for generations to come.

In the words of Laura, “I have the best job in the world — I get to eternalize the best days of people’s lives.” And it’s through her lens that we see the world not just as it is

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