Khrystina Steib on Crafting Timeless Wedding Memories

  • Publication date: 02/03/2024
  • Updated: 02/05/2024

Our story with Khrystina Steib starts in the vibrant setting of Korea in 2015, where a new chapter of her life unfolded. "My husband had a once-in-a-lifetime experience to live in Korea for work in Oil and Gas," Khrystina recalls. This significant move came at an early stage in their marriage, a time untouched by the joys of parenthood. Eager to document this life-changing experience, they decided to invest in their first professional camera. "We knew we wanted to document the experience. We wanted the photos to be professional looking so we purchased our first pro camera. Neither one of us had a desire to be a photographer nor did we know how to work the camera or shoot manually," she shares.

Her husband, armed with an analytical mind, swiftly decoded the complexities of the camera and the underlying science of photography, and then lovingly passed on this knowledge to her. "Through the process of learning the camera and photographing people I didn't know (with a language barrier) and studying the craft of photography it turned into a passion and grew into a career," Khrystina reflects.

Evolving Passion and Professional Growth

Photo by Khrystina Steib
Photo by Khrystina Steib

Khrystina’s transition from a novice to a famous photographer in New Orleans is a tale of dedication and self-discovery. With a rich background in architecture - eight years in the industry and five years of education - her artistic vision has always been influenced by her surroundings. "I am so grateful for my education and the things that I learned. It has greatly influenced how I see the world and compose my photos," she states.

Turning her passion into a full-time career, she found liberation from her former desk job. "That small flame that was dwindling while at my former desk job soon turned into an inferno and I channeled all that into photography as I pursued this career full-time," she enthusiastically explains. Now, with seven years of experience, she describes her style as editorial, journalistic, romantic, and natural.

The Artistic Process and Client Engagement

Photo by Khrystina Steib
Photo by Khrystina Steib

Khrystina’s approach to photography is meticulously client-centric. She emphasizes the importance of understanding her clients' vision. "I love to do consultations. Consultations are for the clients and for me to make sure I am the best photographer for them," she says. By discussing visions, sharing Pinterest ideas, and creating mood boards, she crafts a visual narrative that resonates with her clients' expectations. "I also like to connect with their planner. They have a huge insight on what the client is looking for and also delegates the timeline for the day so they can help me execute our plan to deliver the best full gallery of photos," she adds.

Her commitment to each project is reflected in her selective approach to wedding photography, handling 12-15 weddings a year, and dedicating around 9 hours to each event.

Her advice to clients preparing for a shoot is straightforward yet vital: " would say to get rest the night before. Consult with your hair and makeup team. Their contribution to the shoot is important to the overall vision. Also, consulting with a stylist helps also. Our vision boards help with that too. I do my best to make you feel as comfortable and confident as you can leading up to the session," she advises. 

Personal Touch and Future Aspirations

Photo by Khrystina Steib
Photo by Khrystina Steib

Khrystina’s photography extends beyond mere capturing of images; it's about adding a personal touch and reliving moments. "I feel like my photos aren't done until I add my personal touch to them. I process my photos to look as natural as possible to how I remember it when I took the photo. I use the light I am given, rather natural or ambient, I add flash when necessary," she states.

Meeting people, hearing their stories, and finding commonalities make her job incredibly rewarding. "It's like taking photos for the most important people, I work harder and my heart is in it," she says with a smile.

Khrystina is open to destination weddings, fondly reminiscing about an amazing wedding she shot in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. " It was amazing. I would love to do more," she adds enthusiastically. As she continues to grow in her career, her dedication to capturing life's beautiful moments remains unwavering, filled with the same passion and enthusiasm that ignited her journey in photography.

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