Justin Aaron: Mastering Wedding Photography

  • Publication date: 05/27/2024
  • Updated: 05/27/2024

In the realm of wedding photography, where emotions are as vivid as the colors captured on film, Justin Aaron stands out as a maestro of moments. With a journey that transitions seamlessly from the rhythmic world of music to the meticulous eye for detail honed in architecture, Justin has carved a niche for himself on the east coast of Australia and beyond. Wezoree is delighted to present an intimate look into the life and work of a photographer whose passion is as evident in his words as it is in his images.

The Origin Story: A Symphony of Light and Shadow

Photo by Justin Aaron
Photo by Justin Aaron

"Hey, I’m Justin, living on the east coast of Australia, traveling nationally and internationally for wedding commissions. I come from a background of playing music in bands and then studying Architecture. It was while studying architecture that I found my love and interest in photography. I’ve had a camera in my hands now for over 15 years and I have no plans to put it down."

This melding of experiences has equipped Justin with a unique perspective, allowing him to see the world through a lens that captures not just images, but stories.

A Decade of Devotion: Capturing the Heartbeat of Love

“I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer since 2011, so well over 10 years now.”

Over a decade of dedication to the craft of photography has not only honed Justin's skills but has deeply ingrained in him the joy of capturing the most heartfelt moments of human connection.

The Essence of Style: Editorial Elegance Meets Candid Charm

Photo by Justin Aaron
Photo by Justin Aaron

“It has an ease to it, leaning towards an editorial aesthetic and a candid/documentary approach with direction added where needed.”

Justin's style is a refined blend of natural spontaneity and thoughtful composition, embodying the elegance of editorial photography with the genuine emotion of candid moments.

The Artisan's Tools: A Blend of Mediums

"I’m currently using a mix of digital, film, and DV Handycam."

In his quest to capture the quintessence of each moment, Justin employs a diverse array of tools that contribute to the depth and texture of his imagery, celebrating each couple's story in its most authentic form.

Crafting the Image: The Subtlety of Post-Processing

Photo by Justin Aaron
Photo by Justin Aaron

“I like to keep my processing light and easy, giving the photo room to breathe and be at ease in itself.”

Justin's approach to post-processing is a testament to his belief in the inherent beauty of the moment, enhancing without overshadowing, ensuring that each image remains a true reflection of the emotion it captures.

The Heart of the Craft: People and Their Stories

“I absolutely love being around people. Being around the couple, their family, and friends, and getting in amongst it all is the best thing for me. It might be a job around the corner, or the other side of the world, but if I’m in it and amongst it and vibing like I would with old friends, it’s the best!”

At the core of Justin's passion for photography is his love for people, their interactions, and the stories that unfold in the unguarded moments of celebration and love.

Collaboration and Creation: Bringing Visions to Life

Photo by Justin Aaron
Photo by Justin Aaron

“I see my job as collaborative. It’s a collaboration between the client and photographer, but also, with your other wedding suppliers. We always have an initial meeting and then a secondary meeting in the lead-up to the day. We chat over ideas and locations, we get a sense of each other and so when we get there on the day, typically with limited time, we can get in quick, and it feels easy.”

Understanding the importance of collaboration, Justin works closely with each couple, ensuring that their vision is not only realized but celebrated in every shot.

The Journey of a Day: Capturing Beginnings to Celebrations

“I’m typically at a wedding day for around 9–10 hours. This covers from bride and groom prep through to party! Some cultural weddings, where traditional customs are performed, which I love, will be a longer day.”

Justin's commitment to capturing the full narrative of a wedding day, from the quiet anticipation of preparations to the joyous celebrations, reflects his dedication to his craft.

Beyond Borders: Love Without Limits

Photo by Justin Aaron
Photo by Justin Aaron

“Yes, I do destination weddings! I’ve loved almost anywhere I’ve photographed. From Amsterdam to NYC to New Zealand has been amazing.”

Justin's passion for photography knows no bounds, with his work taking him to some of the most beautiful corners of the world, each destination adding a new chapter to his vast portfolio of love stories.

In Closing: The Photographer's Advice

“Communication is key. Share your vision, your hopes, and your dreams with your photographer.”

Justin's parting advice to couples is a reflection of his approach to photography: open, collaborative, and always focused on bringing the unique love story of each couple to a luminous life.

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