Julia Barrie Visuals: A Photographic Journey of Passion, Authenticity, and Love

  • Publication date: 02/11/2024
  • Updated: 02/12/2024

Julia Barrie's journey into the world of wedding photography in Ottawa is a captivating tale of passion and a natural flair for capturing the essence of life. She shares, "My passion for creating & storytelling began at a young age and ever since then I’ve found myself looking at life through a documentary lens (literally)." This early inclination towards documenting life's moments laid the foundation for her future career.

As a child, Julia often found herself immersed in observation, thinking, "Wow, what a special moment, I WISH I had my camera." This longing to capture the fleeting, beautiful moments of life sparked her pursuit of photography.

A Unique Photographic Style

Photo by Julia Barrie
Photo by Julia Barrie

Julia's approach to photography is refreshingly authentic and untraditional. She describes her style as "Nontraditional - Editorial, Candid, documentary style coverage." Julia steers clear of forced, posed photography. Instead, she strives for naturalness, explaining, "Less of the superposed forcing your noses together for a super awkward photo. More movement, more real genuine moments captured is what I strive to achieve."

Her photographic style is a reflection of her personality—light-hearted, uplifting, and always finding joy in the moment. Whether behind the camera or interacting with her subjects, Julia's presence is one of empathy and humor. She confesses, "Half the time I’m behind the camera I’m either tearing up in the moment with you or laughing hysterically at the moment we both just experienced."

Technical Aspects and Client Interaction

Photo by Julia Barrie
Photo by Julia Barrie

Regarding her equipment, Julia relies on the Canon R series, complemented by 35 & 50mm lenses. She also uses direct flash and occasionally incorporates film cameras for that vintage touch. Her post-processing is primarily done in Lightroom, where she brings her digital photographs to life.

In her interactions with clients, Julia places immense value on understanding and realizing their vision. She mentions, "I always have a few calls with my couples to really get a feel of what exactly they're looking for." Julia encourages clients to share their Pinterest boards and openly discuss their dream wedding day or photo shoot vision.

Passion for People and Photography

Photo by Julia Barrie
Photo by Julia Barrie

What Julia enjoys the most about her profession is the interaction with people and the creation of art from love stories. She has always considered herself a "people person," cherishing the opportunity to work closely with individuals and couples. Her ability to make people feel comfortable allows her to capture authentic moments. She notes, "That is where I am able to capture those most authentic moments."

Julia balances her year with around 30 weddings, ensuring quality and attention to each event. She emphasizes the importance of outfit and location choices in preparing for a shoot and offers guidance to her clients in these areas.

Lastly, Julia's love for destination weddings, especially in Europe, adds another dimension to her portfolio, allowing her to capture love stories against diverse and picturesque backdrops.

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