Joyful Moments, Nostalgic Magic: Exploring Elle Taylor Photography

  • Publication date: 03/29/2024
  • Updated: 03/29/2024

If you have a penchant for splendid memories and breathtaking captures, you're in for a treat. Presenting Elle Loitz from Elle Taylor Photography - a top-rated Chicago photographer who's redefining the landscape of wedding photography.

From Chicago Streets to International Feats

Photo by Elle Taylor
Photo by Elle Taylor

"I’m Elle, a Chicago wedding photographer serving joyful couples and providing luxurious, timeless imagery." Originating from the heart of Chicago, she’s not just snapping photos; she's capturing spirits, laughter, and irreplaceable moments that make memories eternal. Wondering about her beginnings? She reminisced, "I began photography as a high schooler, carefully balancing homework, volleyball practice, and portrait sessions."

Fast forward to 2018, and she took a bold leap into wedding photography, full-time. And guess what? It's not a solo journey. Her husband, Ashton, joins her on this captivating venture, ensuring your memories are both seen and felt. Together, they're an unstoppable duo capturing moments that stand the test of time.

Elle's Signature Style: Timeless and Joyful

Photo by Elle Taylor
Photo by Elle Taylor

For seven glorious years, Elle has been painting stories with her lens. When asked about her unique style, she responded with pride, "Described by my clients, my photography style is light, joyful, and timeless." What's in her toolkit, you ask? "I use digital Canon cameras for my style of photography," Elle shared, emphasizing the magical touch of natural lighting and state-of-the-art Canon equipment she uses to capture the essence of each moment.

The Journey Behind Each Click

Photo by Elle Taylor
Photo by Elle Taylor

Post-production is where the magic truly happens. Elle revealed her meticulous process, "In post-production, my process includes hand-editing each image and curating the final gallery to reflect as much emotion and authenticity as possible." She's dedicated to ensuring every snap radiates authenticity, emotion, and a touch of Elle magic.

“My favorite part of wedding photography is the ability to stop the most joyful moments in time that will be cherished for generations to come." Just imagine, decades later, flipping through an album and feeling the palpable joy and emotion of that day. That's the Elle experience.

Taking Wedding Photography a Notch Higher

Photo by Elle Taylor
Photo by Elle Taylor

Beyond the lens, Elle is committed to making the dream wedding photos of couples a tangible reality. From preparation guides to detailed questionnaires, she ensures every couple's love story is captured in its full essence. And if you're thinking of a destination wedding, she's game! Having traveled internationally, she confessed, "So far, my favorite destination has been Charleston, South Carolina."

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