A Journey Through Galia Lahav’s Bridal Couture, Craftsmanship, and Inclusivity

  • Publication date: 12/02/2023
  • Updated: 12/02/2023

In the world of bridal couture, Galia Lahav stands as a symbol of luxury, elegance, and groundbreaking innovation. Spanning over 30 years, this iconic brand has redefined the essence of wedding gowns, captivating brides worldwide with its unique blend of romantic allure and artistic craftsmanship. From its roots in Israel to its global recognition, Galia Lahav has become a cherished name for brides seeking unparalleled elegance on their special day. In this exclusive interview, we explore the inspirations, stories, and creative visions that have shaped Galia Lahav's extraordinary journey in bridal fashion.

Galia Lahav's extensive global presence, highlighted by over 60 stores worldwide, has significantly broadened the scope and appeal of their bridal couture, infusing their designs with a rich tapestry of cultural influences. This international exposure allows them to cater to a diverse array of brides, incorporating varying tastes and traditions into their collections.

Photo Galia Lahav

Your collection is celebrated for its diversity. How do you achieve this?

“At Galia Lahav, we offer a diverse range of wedding dress styles, from timeless classics to bold fashion-forward designs. Each gown is crafted to celebrate the unique vision & individuality of our beautiful brides.”

Galia Lahav doesn't just create wedding dresses; it's about creating an experience, a narrative that each bride can call her own.

What current trends in bridal fashion do you find most exciting?

“Currently, the trends that captivate us the most are intricate lace details, the bold embrace of black wedding gowns, and the exploration of unique corseted bodices. We truly love to create new trends and bring something new & exciting to our brides each season!”

This innovative spirit is what keeps Galia Lahav at the forefront of bridal couture.

Apart from bridal gowns, what other offerings does Galia Lahav have?

“We offer a stunning selection of evening gowns that cater not only to brides but also to bridesmaids, maids of honor, and wedding guests. Additionally, our collection includes elegant choices for the mother of the bride, ensuring a comprehensive range for every member of the bridal party.”

This inclusivity is a hallmark of the Galia Lahav brand, providing a comprehensive couture experience.

"We have a wide range of veils & shoes on our website, many more exciting things to come," they hint, pointing to the expanding range of accessories available.

Galia Lahav stands out as the ultimate example of couture craftsmanship, offering an exclusive experience in made-to-measure and custom-made dresses. Every gown is meticulously tailored to celebrate the unique essence of each bride, embodying the highest standards of artistry and sophistication.

Photo by Galia Lahav

Can dresses be customized, and if so, to what extent?

"Customization is at the heart of our couture approach. Brides have the opportunity to infuse their personal style into their gown, from silhouette adjustments and fabric choices to unique design elements. Our team works closely with each bride to create a bespoke masterpiece that reflects her individual taste and vision for the perfect wedding day look."

How do you manage to balance luxury with accessibility in your collections?

"Our couture collections are all custom-made designs and range from $7,000 - $20,000 depending on the model, the design process, and alterations."

However, they also offer the GALA collection, a more accessible range without compromising on quality.

What is the average lead time for ordering a dress?

“We usually recommend 6 months, but we noticed how the bridal world is changing and we are adapting to brides tying the knot quicker than they used to! So we now offer rush orders of 3 months!”

Do you host trunk shows or designer events?

“We have many trunk shows all year round at our over 80 retailers worldwide! Galia herself & our Head Designer Sharon Sever attend our Flagship trunk shows regularly for the ultimate GL experience!”

Galia Lahav's Exquisite Bridal Collections

Photo Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav, renowned for its luxurious and innovative bridal couture, has unveiled several collections that stand out for their unique inspirations, exquisite craftsmanship, and embodiment of various themes of love, elegance, and renewal. Each collection, with its distinct narrative and design philosophy, offers something magical for every bride.

L'etoile Collection: A Romantic Homage to Paris

Photo by Galia Lahav

The L'etoile collection is a poetic ode to the enchanting charm of Paris. Each gown in this collection is a masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the iconic Arc de Triomphe and the mystique of celestial bodies. The collection encompasses a range of styles:

  1. Architectural Elegance: Gowns featuring structural silhouettes and sculptural embellishments, echoing the grandeur of Parisian landmarks.
  2. Celestial Motifs: Designs infused with delicate starry patterns and shimmering beadwork, capturing the magic of a Parisian night sky.
  3. Parisian Connection: A tribute to the emotional bond between the designers and the City of Love, with each gown encapsulating elements of Paris’s iconic beauty and elegance.
  4. Regal and Modern Styles: From majestic ball gowns with celestial embroidery to sleek silhouettes that mirror the dynamics of Parisian architecture.
  5. Storytelling through Design: Each dress tells its unique story, with luxurious fabrics and intricate details, offering a seamless blend of contemporary style and timeless sophistication.

AMOR: Bold Expression of Love's Intensity

Photo by Galia Lahav

Inspired by "Carmen", the AMOR collection resonates with themes of passionate love and fierce independence. This collection is a celebration of the bold and untamed spirit of love:

  1. Floral and Romantic Silhouettes: Striking designs that capture the sensual essence of the opera, with floral motifs and unique romantic shapes.
  2. Craftsmanship and Materials: Gowns adorned with French lace, silk, satins, tulles, and Swarovski crystals, showcasing Galia Lahav’s haute couture skills.
  3. Empowerment and Adventure: Sharon Sever's vision for the collection emphasizes empowering brides to be fearless and expressive, embracing the fiery passion within.
  4. Diverse Bridal Styles: From dramatic ball gowns to playful mini dresses, and multi-wear gowns, complemented by accessories like opera gloves and crystal-embellished tights.

Iconic Collection: A Tribute to Hollywood Legends

Photo by Galia Lahav

The Iconic collection is a dazzling celebration of the glamour and grandeur of Hollywood's golden era:

  1. Inspired by Hollywood Icons: Designs inspired by stars like Dorothy Dandridge, Rita Hayworth, and Marilyn Monroe.
  2. Red Carpet-Worthy Looks: Feminine silhouettes a la Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren, featuring daring waistlines, cinched bodices, and open backs.
  3. Luxurious Details: Bejeweled embroideries, contouring cutouts, and nostalgic florals in a palette of pearly whites and blush tones.
  4. Glamour and Individuality: Each gown ensures brides feel like the star of their big day, embodying unparalleled glamour and beauty.

Rise Collection: Symbolizing New Beginnings

Photo by Galia Lahav

The Rise collection symbolizes a fresh start, crafted with rejuvenating energy and a focus on renewal:

  1. Elevated Couture Realm: A testament to Galia Lahav's excellence in couture, with each detail meticulously crafted.
  2. Versatility for Every Moment: Gowns designed to transition seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception, offering personalized and diverse styles.
  3. Embarking on New Phases: Aligning perfectly with brides celebrating not just their wedding day but a new chapter in life, with designs that combine elegance, sophistication, and couture magic.

Each collection by Galia Lahav is more than just a series of gowns; they are emotional journeys, masterfully crafted to resonate with the dreams and aspirations of every bride, making the experience of choosing a wedding dress as memorable as the day itself.

Galia Lahav's Celebrity Collaborations

Galia Lahav's collaborations with celebrities have been a testament to the brand's versatility, luxury, and appeal. These partnerships have brought forth an array of spectacular custom-designed gowns, each embodying the unique essence of the wearer while showcasing the brand's exceptional design capabilities.

Beyoncé's Vow Renewal

Photo Galia Lahav

For her vow renewal with Jay-Z in 2019, Beyoncé chose Galia Lahav's Thelma Victorian-style gown. This off-the-shoulder dress, inspired by Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, was adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearl embellishments, exemplifying opulence and elegance.

Paris Hilton's Cinderella Moment

Photo Galia Lahav

Paris Hilton looked like a real-life Cinderella in a custom Galia Lahav gown for her first dance with Carter Reum in 2021. The dress, with its subtle sparkly fabric, accentuated her natural elegance and grace, creating a moment of pure enchantment.

Jennifer Lopez's New Year's Eve Spectacle

Photo Galia Lahav

J.Lo welcomed 2019 with a show-stopping performance in a glamorous G-109 beaded jumpsuit by Galia Lahav. The outfit featured accentuated shoulders, long sleeves, a deep plunging v-neckline, and semi-flared pants, perfect for the stage.

Rochelle Humes on the Red Carpet

Photo Galia Lahav

Rochelle Humes dazzled at the TV BAFTAs in a nude blush Chantilly lace Camille dress from Galia Lahav's Pret-A-Porter collection, demonstrating the versatility and appeal of the brand's designs beyond bridal wear.

Sarah Rafferty at the Genesis Prize

sarah rufferty.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

American actress Sarah Rafferty, known for her role in "Suits", made a striking appearance in the Jasmine dress at the Genesis Prize event, showcasing the brand's ability to create looks fit for high-profile occasions.

Lais Ribeiro's Beachfront Wedding

Photo Galia Lahav

Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro celebrated her marriage to Joakim Noah with not one, but two custom Galia Lahav gowns. She wore a bedazzled white silk dress for a white-themed party and an A-line, off-the-shoulder gown with a corset top for her wedding, both reflecting the brand's adaptability to different styles and settings.

Daphne Groeneveld's Bridal Elegance

Photo Galia Lahav

Top model Daphne Groeneveld and her bridesmaids, including Taylor Hill and Romee Strid, all wore custom Galia Lahav silk dresses in sage green for her wedding, showcasing the brand's expertise in creating cohesive bridal party looks.

Nadine Leopold's Dual Looks

Photo Galia Lahav
Photo Galia Lahav

Austrian model Nadine Leopald stunned in two custom Galia Lahav outfits on her wedding day – a dramatic corset ball gown for her reception and a tailored jumpsuit for the dance floor, highlighting the brand's ability to craft diverse yet equally striking wedding day looks.

Daniela Braga's Dramatic Entrance

Photo Galia Lahav
Photo Galia Lahav

Model Daniela Braga opted for a dramatic custom couture ballgown for her wedding ceremony, and later changed into a shimmering Swarovski crystal silk crepe Lais dress, exemplifying Galia Lahav's flair for creating both grand and party-ready bridal looks.

Kimberley Garner at Cannes Film Festival

Photo Galia Lahav

Swimwear designer Kimberley Garner graced the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in Galia Lahav Pret-A-Porter, showcasing the brand's ability to create red carpet-ready ensembles.

Olivia Ponton's Mermaid-Inspired Dress

Photo Galia Lahav

Influencer and model Olivia Ponton dazzled at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch party in a strapless, sweetheart neckline Quinn dress made of ombré crystals, demonstrating the brand's talent in creating show-stopping event wear.

Michelle Keegan's Sophisticated Ensemble

Michelle Keega.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

Actress Michelle Keegan turned heads in a chic Pret-A-Porter corset top and white trousers pairing at The Jonathan Ross Show, highlighting Galia Lahav's versatility in creating outfits that are both sexy and sophisticated.

Christine Quinn's Gothic Wedding

Christine Quinn's G.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

Christine Quinn from "Selling Sunset" chose an unconventional Mia black bridal gown for her Gothic winter wonderland wedding in 2019, showcasing the brand's ability to cater to unique and bold bridal visions.

Heather Rae El Moussa's Fairytale Marriage

Heather Rae.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

Heather Rae El Moussa from "Selling Sunset" lived out her fairytale in a Galia Lahav Ballerina gown and a Brenna dress, both designed to bring out her fun, flirty, and elegant sides on her wedding day.

Montana Brown's Versatile Mini Dress

Montana Brown's.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

"Love Island" star Montana Brown looked fabulous in a sleeveless mini dress from the Ellie collection, proving Galia Lahav's expertise in creating versatile dresses suitable for various occasions.

Chrishell Stause's Bedazzling Look

Chrishell Stause.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

Chrishell Stause from "Selling Sunset" looked gorgeous in the bedazzling Jill dress, a testament to Galia Lahav's skill in creating eye-catching television show outfits.

Chloe Loyd's Floral Lace Gown

Chloe Loy.jpg
Photo Galia Lahav

British model Chloe Loyd married Josh Cuthbert in a custom backless Galia Lahav gown covered in intricate floral lace, exemplifying the brand's expertise in creating breathtaking bridal gowns.

In essence, Galia Lahav stands not just as a brand but as an emblem of luxury, creativity, and personal expression in bridal fashion. It's a label where every gown is a masterpiece, each stitch tells a story, and every collection is a testament to the artistry and vision of its creators. As the brand continues to evolve and grow, it remains a source of inspiration and a symbol of the beauty and artistry that can be achieved in the world of bridal couture.

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