Interview with a Top Como Photographer: Igor Shevchenko Discusses His Artistic Journey and Photography

  • Publication date: 04/11/2024
  • Updated: 04/13/2024

In the enchanting world of wedding photography in Como, few artisans craft their narratives with as much passion and dedication as Igor Shevchenko. "I love photography very much - it’s my job, my hobby, and my inspiration," Igor shares with a gleam in his eye. Settled in the scenic Como with his family, Igor's life intertwines with photography at every turn. It's a shared passion with his wife, also a photographer, making their home a hub of creativity and artistic discourse.

Igor's journey in the realm of photography spans over a rich tapestry of 12 years. When asked about his style, he describes it as a fusion, "A mix of a magazine portrait and film shots, captured moments." This blend allows him to capture not just images, but stories, emotions, and moments in time. His work is a visual symphony, a dance between light and shadow, color and mood, all coming together to create something truly unique.

The Nikon Maestro

Photo by Igor Shevchenko
Photo by Igor Shevchenko

In Igor's quest to perfect his art, his choice of equipment is a testament to his meticulous nature. He elaborates, "Various cameras of the Nikon system, from film to the newest model." But for Igor, the real game-changers are his lenses. "I've tried dozens of them to know which ones will be better in one case or another for my style," he explains. This careful selection process ensures that each photograph he captures is not only a picture but a piece of art.

The magic, however, doesn't end with the click of the shutter. Post-processing plays a pivotal role in bringing Igor's vision to life. "Many people tell me that the color of my photos is unique and that this is quite a large amount of work," he says with pride. "Plus, my retoucher works with skin and shape changes within the framework agreed with each client individually."

The Joy of Photography: More Than a Profession

Photo by Igor Shevchenko
Photo by Igor Shevchenko

For Igor, photography is a journey filled with joy and discovery. "Fantastic places, you share days filled with happiness with many people - there is a special atmosphere of euphoria in the air," he reflects. "Well, I just love my job, every free minute I work to become better." His love for his craft is evident in every project he undertakes.

When working with clients, Igor adopts a collaborative approach. "We start with what the client would like to see in his photographs," he states. "I ask you to make a selection of your favorite shots for me in order to get a better feel for the angles and mood that will need to be emphasized. We discuss timing and details that may be useful to us on the wedding day." This client-centric method ensures that every photograph not only captures a moment but tells a personal story, tailored and unique.

Crafting Memories Worldwide

Photo by Igor Shevchenko
Photo by Igor Shevchenko

Igor is not confined to the borders of his hometown. "Every year I travel through dozens of cities for work," he says. His favorite destinations for capturing weddings are nothing short of romantic utopias - Paris, Toscana, the Amalfi Coast, and the glamourous Nice/Monaco. Each location offers a new canvas, a fresh backdrop for his storytelling.

In conclusion, Igor Shevchenko's world of photography is a realm where passion meets profession, where every snapshot is a story waiting to be told, and where each location is a new adventure. His work is not just about capturing images; it's about immortalizing moments, crafting memories, and celebrating love in its most picturesque forms.

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