Interview with Como Professional Wedding Photographers Danilo & Sharon

  • Publication date: 04/16/2024
  • Updated: 04/16/2024

Danilo and Sharon, a dynamic duo in the world of Como wedding photography, have etched their mark over an impressive 11-year journey. Renowned for their distinctive aesthetic and custom photography services, they draw from a rich background in fashion and advertising. Their unique style, described as "real editorial wedding photography with a bold statement and timeless character," captivates modern brides globally. Their work, a blend of inspiration from both the location and the subjects, retains a signature aesthetic. 

Through the Lens: The Art and Science of Their Craft

Photo by Danilo & Sharon
Photo by Danilo & Sharon

Employing Canon equipment, Danilo and Sharon’s technical choice aligns seamlessly with their creative aspirations. The images they produce undergo a rigorous three-level editing process: color correction, color grading, and detailed fine-tuning by hand. They believe that each image should not only capture a moment but also narrate a story, showcasing their commitment to both quality and detail. This meticulous process is a hallmark of their work and is what distinguishes them in the photographic community.

The Soul of Photography: Connecting People and Places

Photo by Danilo & Sharon
Photo by Danilo & Sharon

For Danilo and Sharon, photography transcends capturing images. It's about “Meeting new incredible people, and exploring new destinations,” they say. They cherish the opportunity to forge connections and capture the essence of diverse cultures and landscapes. 

Their approach to client relationships is deeply personal and customized. "Our priority is always a client's wishes," they emphasize, "we try to tailor our approach to each client specifically." This philosophy is evident in their preference for creating custom packages, ensuring a bespoke experience for each client. Photographers add, “We mostly have three-day weddings. On the first day is a rehearsal dinner or welcome party (up to 2h of coverage), then the wedding day (up to 10h), and brunch on the third day (up to 2h).”

Capturing Love in Idyllic Settings

Photo by Danilo & Sharon
Photo by Danilo & Sharon

Working internationally, Danilo and Sharon photographed weddings and portraits around the world, from the busy streets of Hong Kong to historic Paris. Still, Danilo and Sharon have a special affinity for Italy and the South of France. The allure of these destinations enhances the narrative and aesthetic of their photographs. 

Preparing clients for photoshoots involves creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. They understand the challenges of being in front of the camera and strive to make their clients feel at ease. “We do our best to create a relaxed atmosphere and usually divide photoshooting into smaller parts”, they add, ensuring that the natural beauty and emotions of their subjects are captured with authenticity and grace.

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