Inside Narelle Janine Events's Enchanting World of Wedding Planning in Toronto

  • Publication date: 04/20/2024
  • Updated: 04/20/2024

From the earliest days of her childhood, Narelle Allen's world was colored by the vibrant parties her mother threw, each a tableau of joy and creativity. "She truly was the “hostess with the mostest”!" Narelle recalls fondly, her voice tinged with admiration and nostalgia. "I absolutely adored watching her organize, plan, and design these parties for so many people in our lives."

This maternal inspiration was the seed that blossomed into Narelle's passion for event planning, setting her on a path to becoming the founder and creative director of Narelle Janine Events. With 11 years in the wedding industry and six years steering her own company, Narelle's journey is a testament to the power of legacy and love in shaping a career.

Weaving Elegance into Every Love Story

At the core of Narelle Janine Events lies a philosophy that intertwines luxury with personalization. "Narelle Janine Events is a firm that specializes in whimsical, personalized, and breathtaking events," Narelle explains.

Her approach is deeply personal, involving close collaboration with clients to ensure their vision is not just met but exceeded. "We work very closely with our clients. From inception, we want to first create an open atmosphere where our clients can vocalize exactly what they are looking for. From there we build on their non-negotiables and how we can make their dreams come to life for their wedding. It is imperative my clients needs are met and we have open conversations on how to attain their desired outcome," she says.

Services offered range from full wedding planning to coordination and design, all tailored to the couple's specific desires. "We mainly take on full-service clients, we however do have full design and coordination packages," Narelle states, "We definitely understand not every wedding is the same so we can definitely create custom packages for our clients."

A Symphony of Memorable Moments

Reflecting on her most cherished experiences, Narelle finds it hard to single out one wedding. "We genuinely love all our weddings, it would be so difficult to pick one," she shares. "We love our couples and each wedding is so unique to them, whenever I look back at pictures, I instantly get reminded of that particular couple and how we created that specific design to them."

Her approach to client relationships is built on openness and mutual understanding. "Getting to work with my clients, it is the most fulfilling job," she describes. " I love working so closely with my clients on their wedding day. It is such an honour to be a part of someone's wedding day and it's something I take very seriously."

Taking on about 15 full-service weddings a year, Narelle ensures that each event receives her full attention and dedication, making every celebration a memorable symphony of moments.

Visions Beyond Borders

While Narelle's roots and most of her work are anchored in Toronto, her aspirations and capabilities stretch far beyond. "We do destination weddings as well," she enthuses. "We would love to plan and design a wedding in France and Italy."

Her advice to couples is refreshingly straightforward and sincere. "Stay true to yourself," she urges, "don't follow trends, and honestly do whatever YOU want - that is most important." Whether it's navigating budget constraints or choosing the perfect venue, Narelle's guidance is grounded in authenticity and a desire to create experiences that resonate with genuine emotion and unforgettable splendor.

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