House of Lucie: Love's Timeless Captures

  • Publication date: 05/21/2024
  • Updated: 05/22/2024

In the realm of wedding photography, where every snapshot is a testament to moments of unguarded emotion and beauty, Khara Deurhof shines as a luminary. Her venture, House of Lucie, encapsulates her devotion to narrating love stories through her lens, imbuing each frame with intimacy and authenticity. Khara graciously shared her journey, ethos, and the distinctive touch she brings to her craft in an enlightening dialogue with Wezoree.

A Journey Rooted in Art and Light

Photo by House of Lucie
Photo by House of Lucie

Khara's path to photography is a tale rich with artistic endeavor and a deep-seated appreciation for the nuanced interplay of light and life. Reflecting on her origins, she shares, “I’ve been drawn to art, light, and expression for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I was always out in the garden, paintbrush in hand, a blonde fringe tumbling over my face. Growing up and throughout my adolescence, my parents took me with them on their travels and I often found myself studying light, people, and connections. As my sense of self developed, I became inspired by the effortless style in the places I visited and would swoon at the subtle interactions between people I saw”. This early affinity for artistry laid the groundwork for her future in photography, a medium through which she explores the depths of human connection and emotion.

“I find myself romanticizing reality, simplicity, and intimacy. I’ve learned that beauty exists in honesty, connections are safest when uninterrupted and my couples trust me to tell their story truthfully and beautifully. I love photographing weddings because the emotions pouring out of them are honest and heartfelt. Furthermore, I adore seeing two people completely wrapped up in a moment and pride myself on capturing the small but significant exchanges that would otherwise go unseen. An eye for detail draws my gaze towards intimate human connection: the way hands fall together, fleeting glances across the room, and vulnerability in all forms.”  - she remembers.

With ten years of experience behind the camera, Khara has refined a distinct style that marries romance with timelessness. “Over the past 10 years of being a wedding photographer, I have developed my signature style to be artfully romantic, editorial, and poetically timeless,” she states, encapsulating her approach to capturing love stories.

The Craft Behind the Lens

Photo by House of Lucie
Photo by House of Lucie

Khara's toolkit is as diverse as her artistic vision, utilizing both digital and film cameras to document the myriad facets of a wedding day. This blend allows her to produce images that are vivid and emotionally resonant. Her editing philosophy is straightforward yet impactful, aiming “to remain true to the colors I'm presented with on the day,” ensuring that each photo reflects the genuine ambiance and emotion of the moment.

Fostering Connections Through Photography

Photo by House of Lucie
Photo by House of Lucie

The essence of Khara's work lies in her ability to forge a rapport with her clients, enabling her to capture their stories sincerely and deeply. "I am a relaxed, warm, and friendly person in nature," she reveals, "so I always bring this with me in my approach to each wedding." This demeanor, coupled with her keen observational skills, allows her to photograph "stories in a journalistic way. It’s a balance between being unobtrusive, while also providing gentle guidance to ease my couples into frames that feel real, intimate, and effortless.," spotlighting the fleeting, tender exchanges that often go unnoticed.

Crafting Custom Memories

Photo by House of Lucie
Photo by House of Lucie

Understanding the uniqueness of each couple's story, Khara is adept at tailoring her services to meet their individual needs. "Absolutely! I can tailor packages to suit your vision," she affirms, highlighting her commitment to personalizing her offerings to encapsulate the essence of each couple's love story.

A World of Weddings

Photo by House of Lucie
Photo by House of Lucie

Khara's passion for photography has taken her across the globe, capturing the essence of love in various stunning locales. Recounting her favorite experiences, she shares, "I am very fortunate to travel a lot for work. Earlier this year I photographed weddings in Italy for the European summer season, this was a dream come true." Yet, her aspirations know no bounds, as she dreams of bringing her unique vision to weddings in Paris and New York.

Khara Deurhof's artistic journey is a testament to the power of photography as a medium to capture the fleeting, yet profound moments of love and connection. Through her lens, each wedding becomes a canvas, painting stories of love that are timeless, intimate, and utterly unforgettable.

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