The Fascinating Journey of Anais Nunez, Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire

  • Publication date: 11/04/2023
  • Updated: 11/04/2023

As we delve deep into the mesmerizing world of Anais Nunez, a brilliant photographer with a heart full of stories, be prepared to be inspired!

From Mexico City to the Heart of Canada

Photo by Anais Nunez
Photo by Anais Nunez

Let's begin with her roots. Hailing from the lively streets of Mexico City, Anais mentioned, "I am originally from Mexico City, born and raised there!" But then, in a twist of fate, she made her way to Canada. She fondly recalled, "When I finished high school I wanted to take a gap year and decided to come to Canada for a couple of months to study French." But little did she know that the charming allure of Canada's diverse culture would capture her heart.

"Soon after I arrived I fell in love with the variety of cultures that Canada has to offer so I decided to stay and finish my studies in Montreal. I define myself as a curious and friendly person who loves exploring, traveling, and meeting new people all the time. Canada was the perfect place to do so," she admitted.

Anais Nunez: Behind the Lens

Photo by Anais Nunez
Photo by Anais Nunez

As her personal life flourished, so did her passion. Though Anais started her career in Communications, she always held onto her beloved camera. Reflecting on her transition into wedding photography, she shared, "When COVID hit, my full-time job became a part-time job and I took the opportunity of having more extra time on my hands to grow my wedding photography business. At the beginning, in 2021, I started with very small weddings because of COVID we were only allowed to have 10 people in one event (and no dancing!). When things finally started to be normal again I was lucky to have bigger weddings and summers almost fully booked!"

Her style is vividly unique. "My photo style combines colorful and timeless shots. I aim to embrace the joy and fun of the day, so when they see their photos again this will bring some kind of nostalgia. I love capturing unscripted moments and emotions shared by the couple and their loved ones. As someone who already spent lots of time/money and effort on a wedding, I understand the importance of details. I want my couples to have images that will be able to remind them of every little detail that was a part of their special day so when they look at their photos again in 10 years they are happy they still have them as memories," she explained.

Anais has a knack for capturing candid moments and infusing them with an editorial flair. When describing her approach, she emphasized, "Every couple and couple story is different. I don't want to force them into poses when they feel more comfortable being goofy and I also don't want to force them into kissing when their love communication might not be the affective one. I try to get to know and understand my couples as much as I can before their wedding day so they feel comfortable and that way I can really capture their essence and their special day."

Tech-Savvy Photography

On the technical side, Anais is nothing short of a professional. "I use 2 Sony Alpha 7 with my favorite prime lens 35mm," she pointed out, not forgetting to mention her love for drone shots, which add a unique perspective to her galleries.

The Joy of Photography: Anais's Perspective

Photo by Anais Nunez
Photo by Anais Nunez

One of the beautiful things about Anais Nunez is the way she perceives her craft. When asked about what she truly loves about being a photographer, Anais's eyes light up, and she answers, "I really enjoy working with people. It's always fun! Especially during weddings. Everyone is always happy!"

The joy and passion with which she undertakes her job are evident in her words. Reflecting on the essence of her craft, she mused, "I enjoy creating passionate imagery, being able to see emotions through my lens and try to anticipate when the next 'emotional glimpse' will happen."

It's not just about clicking a button for Anais; it's about playing with lights and shadows, showcasing majestic floral arrangements, and making brides feel like supermodels on their special day. "I love creating meaningful art with emotions more than just 'photos'," she shared.

Crafting the Perfect Package: Flexibility and Customization

When it comes to delivering the perfect experience, Anais is all about flexibility. "Of course! Hiring a wedding photographer is such an important decision and an important phase in their life. I want my couples to have the best experience," she asserted. She believes in tailoring packages to suit the individual needs of her couples, ensuring they have nothing but fond memories related to their photo services.

Preparation is Key: Anais's Tips for a Seamless Experience

Photo by Anais Nunez
Photo by Anais Nunez

Anais is a firm believer in communication and preparation. She urges clients to "Communicate as much as you can, invest time in your timeline/preparation, research inspo, and talk to your photographer about your vision." She emphasizes the significance of sharing every detail, vision, idea, and especially traditions with the photographer.

Anais cherishes open and constant communication, stating, "I love to know everything about my couple's vision, ideas, and especially traditions and make sure we will have time to shoot them in the best way we can." 

The Allure of Destination Weddings

The world is a vast canvas, and Anais is eager to paint on it. She is no stranger to destination weddings and is always open to exploring new horizons. When asked about her favorite destinations, she responded with enthusiasm, "I love Mexico and Europe for destination weddings but really as an explorer, I'm open to anywhere you go!"

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