Exploring the Heartfelt Craftsmanship of Adam and Alexandra Photography, Top Wedding Photographers in Calgary

  • Publication date: 12/25/2023
  • Updated: 12/26/2023

Dive into the world of Adam and Alexandra, a couple not just in life but in the art of wedding photography in Calgary. They've intertwined their love story with their passion for capturing the essence of matrimonial joy. As wedding photographers, they've been living their dream since 2016, encapsulating the fleeting moments that life offers.

"We're Adam and Alex - 35mm film and digital wedding photographers living out our dreams of capturing the fleeting, feeling, big and in-between moments that make up life," they fondly recall.

The Artistic Approach to Photography

Adam and Alexandra have fine-tuned their craft over seven dedicated years, curating a style reminiscent of cinematic flair and ancestral legacy. Their photography background is steeped in tradition, with hands accustomed to the feel of cameras from a young age and a history of working in film labs.

Their style is “documentarian - inspired by cinema and our grandparent's old photo albums," they say, describing the essence of their work.

The Tools of the Trade

In their photography, they employ a variety of instruments to capture the perfect shot. From the timeless 35mm film cameras that hark back to photography's golden age to the immediate joy of polaroids and the modern touch of digital cameras, they wield each device with practiced ease. They embellish their work with creative filters and flashes, ensuring that each photograph is a masterpiece.

Capturing Love and Celebrating Connections

For Adam and Alexandra, photography is more than just taking pictures; it is about forming bonds and reveling in the creative journey. They find the most joy in the connections made, the stories told, and the love they get to witness and capture.

"We connect with other humans best through curiosity and creativity - being photographers of love stories has allowed us to do that in such a meaningful and joyful way. Oh, and the dance parties every weekend," they express with enthusiasm.

Their approach to client relationships is deeply collaborative. Understanding that every couple's story is unique, they engage in open dialogue and active brainstorming sessions, providing mood boards and inspiration to help craft the dream experience for each wedding.

"We believe that art is best when approached as a collaboration, especially when it comes to telling people's stories. We try to create space for our clients to be authentically themselves at every step of the process through open communication and enthusiastic guidance and support. We're always happy to brainstorm, share mood boards, and work together to achieve our couples' love daydreams," they explain, outlining their philosophy for working with clients.

With an annual count of 35-40 weddings, they ensure each one receives the attention and care it deserves. They are flexible with their time, offering a range between 6 to 12 hours of coverage, starting at a minimum price of $4,700 for 10 hours.

Tips, Tricks, and Destination Dreams

Adam and Alexandra are also there to guide their clients through the preparation process, offering a comprehensive guide that includes everything from timeline samples to outfit inspirations. For those dreaming of a wedding with a backdrop of sunset-kissed beaches or forest-clad mountains, this couple is always ready for a destination wedding.

"Yes! We're suckers for the west coast," they admit, sharing their love for weddings set against the beautiful landscapes of the western shores.

In weaving this narrative, Adam and Alexandra invite you into their world, one where every snapshot tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to create something beautiful.

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