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  • Publication date: 02/19/2024
  • Updated: 02/24/2024

"I was originally in the six-year Doctor of the Pharmacy program at St. John's University. Going into my senior year, right after my white coat ceremony, I knew in my heart that it wasn't the right fit for me. I wanted to be creative. I loved talking to people and loved connection." This epiphany led Elizabeth Priya Kumar, the founder of Premini Events, to switch gears dramatically, transitioning to a major in Marketing. Her journey in events and PR began with an internship, where she fell in love with the dynamism and creativity it offered.

Reflecting on her career switch, Elizabeth says, "After graduating college, I started my career in corporate events and tried out a few different industries; from telecommunications to non-profit and community events down to finance and legal."

But it wasn't until she was 26, prodded by her brother and sister, that she took the entrepreneurial leap, giving birth to Premini Events. "My brother's name is Prem and my sister's name is Padmini and I combined it to make Premini," she explains, "Prem means love, and mini means little. All you need in life is a little love!"

First Wedding and Evolution in Wedding Planning

Elizabeth fondly recalls her first wedding assignment. “My first ever wedding was a friend of mine from the youth group at church. She let me test out my skills on her and I learned a lot. I hired a couple of my sister's friends to help run the event with me (we learned very quickly to never run an event in heels)," she laughs. “Truthfully, my answer has never changed in 13 years. I do weddings because I love....LOVE. It is the only thing that will make the world a better place, and I love being able to be a memory maker and experience creator for people.”

Over 13 years, her love for wedding planning has grown even stronger. "I get to meet some of the most incredible people in the world. My entire job is based on the interaction with the bride and groom, their families, the guests, and the vendors. It's a constant balance of problem solving but doing it for and with people you care about is worth it. I've made lifelong friendships at this job and truthfully, you spend more time with your clients and vendors than you do with your own family sometimes," she explains. Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of genuine connections in her work, "I always say, if you don't genuinely love the couple, don't take the wedding. It's a disservice to you as a creator and them as a once-in-a-lifetime memory."

Philosophy Behind the Premini Events

Their philosophy is straightforward yet profound. "As much as I want to say that we are wedding planners, the reality is, that we are memory makers and experience creators. At the end of the day, the food will be eaten, the music will stop, and the flowers will die. The only thing that will remain are the memories," Elizabeth asserts.

She believes the essence of her work transcends the temporary glitz of the occasion. "We are essentially planning and designing a Broadway show that will only be aired once and the bride and groom are the main actors! Our philosophy is based on authenticity. If there is no love, warmth, and hospitality in the room, then it doesn't matter how "wow" the production is. Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of your village of people who got you and your family to this point. It is a public display of the bride and groom's love and we are essentially telling their love story in event format."

Services, Approach, and Client Relationships

When it comes to services, Elizabeth is clear: "We only offer full-service planning. It's the only way to control every aspect of the wedding and to make sure we can deliver exceptional service." Premini Events' approach is comprehensive, focusing on creating a custom experience that reflects each couple's unique narrative.

Elizabeth approaches each client with a mindset geared toward clarity and customization. "Expectations are EVERYTHING," she states. "Being clear about what you do and don't do is really important. Everyone has a different working style, so it's important to work with the client on what works best for them." She values transparent communication and flexibility in meeting clients' needs.

Memorable Weddings and Personal Experiences

Perhaps the most poignant moment comes when Elizabeth talks about her own upcoming wedding. "To do this for 13 years and now being able to do it for myself, it's been an extraordinary feeling."

Each wedding she plans holds a special place in her heart, but she's constantly seeking new challenges. "Since we are international planners, we tend to book in many different locations. One week we might be in Mexico, and another week we might be in Spain or Italy. I always love challenging myself in different markets."

Advice for Couples and Future Dreams

Elizabeth's advice for couples is heartfelt and grounded in reality. "Remember this. Planning a wedding is easy. Being a wife or a husband for the next 70 years will be tougher. Keep the focus on the MARRIAGE versus the WEDDING, and I promise you your event will be better than you could ever imagine." She advises prioritizing the couple's needs and values over extravagant desires, ensuring the event is a true reflection of their love.

As for her dream venue, she says with a smile, "It hasn't been created yet! Every time I think I reached the top, I always find a way to be wow'd again."

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