Everlasting Blooms: How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Forever

  • Publication date: 06/20/2024
  • Updated: 06/20/2024

As you transition from your big day into the wonderful journey of married life, it's natural to want to hold onto those special memories. One of the most cherished keepsakes from any wedding is the bouquet. Whether it’s a handpicked arrangement of wildflowers or an elegant assembly of roses and peonies, preserving your wedding bouquet allows you to retain a tangible piece of your celebration. In this article, we'll walk through how to prepare to preserve your wedding bouquet and share some creative bouquet preservation ideas.

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Bouquet Preservation

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Preserving your wedding bouquet is not just about holding onto a bunch of flowers; it's about capturing a moment, a feeling, and a piece of an unforgettable day. As such, preparing to preserve your bouquet requires careful attention to detail and planning. Doing it right means you can keep your wedding memories alive and vibrant for years to come. Here's a comprehensive guide to ensuring your bouquet preservation is a success.

Step 1: Choose the Right Flowers

Not all flowers are created equal when it comes to preservation. Some flowers naturally preserve better due to their structural qualities. Roses, with their dense, multi-layered petals, tend to dry beautifully, as do lavender and peonies. When discussing options with your florist, mention that you plan to preserve your bouquet and consider selecting flowers that are known for their longevity when dried.

Step 2: Keep Them Fresh

The condition of your flowers when you start the preservation process greatly affects the outcome. To keep them looking their best, cut the stems at an angle under running water as soon as possible after the ceremony. This improves water intake. Keep the bouquet in a cool, shaded place, preferably in a vase of fresh water, to prevent wilting and fading.

Step 3: Plan Ahead

Preservation should begin as soon as possible after the wedding to prevent the flowers from decaying. Depending on the preservation method you choose, you may need to book services or buy supplies in advance. If opting for professional freeze-drying, which maintains the shape and color of the flowers remarkably well, arrangements should be made weeks ahead of your wedding.

Step 4: Select a Professional

While many brides opt to dry their bouquets themselves, learning how to preserve a bouquet professionally can provide superior results, especially for intricate arrangements. Professionals typically offer services like freeze-drying or special epoxy resin encapsulation, which can protect the delicate structure and color of your flowers far better than home methods.

Step 5: Prepare Your Tools

If you’re drying your bouquet at home, prepare all the necessary materials before the wedding. For air drying, you’ll need a dark, dry place and materials to hang your bouquet upside down. Silica gel drying, which helps maintain the flower's original shape and color better, requires airtight containers and enough silica gel to completely cover the flowers.

Step 6: Timing is Key

The fresher your flowers when you start the preservation process, the better they will look after being preserved. Ideally, start drying them within 24 to 48 hours after the event. This timing helps ensure that the flowers are still vibrant and haven’t begun to wilt, which can significantly affect the aesthetics of the preserved bouquet.

Bouquet Preservation Ideas

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After carefully selecting and preserving your wedding bouquet, the next exciting step is deciding how to display or use the preserved flowers. Here are a few creative ideas on what to do with a wedding bouquet to keep your wedding memories alive in unique and beautiful ways. Each method offers a different approach, allowing you to choose one or multiple ways to remember your special day.

Shadow Box Display

A shadow box allows for a three-dimensional display of your preserved bouquet, along with other wedding memorabilia like your invitation, a boutonniere, or even vows. The shadow box can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, offering a timeless exhibit that blends seamlessly with your home décor. When arranging the flowers, consider the layout that best reflects the bouquet's original shape and beauty.

Pressed Flowers in a Frame

Pressing flowers is a classic preservation method and framing them creates a modern display. Select a few standout flowers or pieces of greenery from your bouquet and press them in a heavy book for a few weeks. Once dried and flattened, these can be arranged in a floating frame or between two panes of glass. This method highlights the individual beauty of each component of your bouquet.

Resin Keepsakes

Casting flowers in resin can turn parts of your bouquet into decorative items like coasters, paperweights, or even jewelry. This method encapsulates the flowers in a clear, durable material, preserving their color and form perfectly. Resin items can be custom-made to fit various styles and preferences, making them excellent gifts or keepsakes.

Floral Wreath

Transform your dried bouquet into a decorative wreath. This can be done by arranging the dried flowers in a circular form, perhaps on a grapevine or metal ring. Hang the wreath in a prominent place in your home or use it as a seasonal decoration, especially if your wedding had autumnal or wintery themes.


For book enthusiasts, turning smaller, flatter flowers into bookmarks is both practical and sentimental. Laminate pressed flowers or encase them in thin sheets of clear resin. These can mark pages in your favorite books or be gifted to guests as a memento of your special day.


Create potpourri from your bouquet by drying out the flowers completely and adding essential oils. Store the scented mixture in decorative bowls or sachets around your home. This idea not only preserves your flowers but also fills your space with a pleasant aroma reminiscent of your wedding day.

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Christmas Ornaments

Fill clear glass ornaments with small dried flowers or petals from your bouquet. These ornaments can adorn your Christmas tree each year, bringing a touch of your wedding joy to the holiday season. This is particularly special for those who celebrate anniversaries around the holidays.

Candle Embeds

Embed dried flowers into homemade candles. As the candle burns, it slowly reveals the beauty of the preserved flowers, adding a romantic and unique touch to your home décor. You can choose scents that remind you of your wedding day to enhance the experience.

Photo Album Decoration

Adorn your wedding album or guest book with pressed flowers. This can add a beautiful, personal touch to your wedding memories. Carefully glue or tape flowers on the covers or intersperse them between pages where photos of the bouquet are featured.

Scented Drawer Liners

For a subtle daily reminder of your special day, create scented drawer liners using crushed dried flowers from your bouquet. Combine the petals with a fixative and your favorite essential oils before spreading them on paper liners. This not only keeps your drawers smelling fresh but also uses up all parts of your bouquet.

Glass Cloche Display

Encase your dried bouquet or selected flowers in a glass cloche. This elegant presentation not only protects the flowers from dust but also creates a museum-like exhibit within your home. You can place it on a mantelpiece, bedside table, or in a bookshelf as a focal point.

Botanical Wall Art

Turn your bouquet into a piece of botanical wall art by using a larger frame to create a composition of dried flowers arranged artistically. This can be particularly effective for larger blooms and vibrant colors, providing a striking visual tribute to your wedding day.

Floral Monogram

Create a personalized monogram from dried flowers. Shape the initial letters of you and your partner's names or a significant word from your wedding day. This can be framed or mounted on a wall as a decorative reminder of your union.

Embedded in Plaster

Cast small sections of your bouquet in plaster to create ornamental plaques or tiles. These can be used as coasters, integrated into home décor, or even installed as part of a decorative garden path or wall.

Flower-Infused Bath Salts

For a truly relaxing reminder of your special day, dry and crush petals to mix with Epsom salts, sea salts, and essential oils to create luxurious bath salts. Store in a pretty jar and use for spa-like soaks.

Floral Stationery

Incorporate dried flowers into homemade paper to create unique stationery. This can be used for thank-you notes, holiday cards, or personal correspondence, adding a touch of personal flair to your messages.

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Memory Jar

Fill a decorative jar or vase with dried flowers, ribbons, and other small keepsakes from your wedding day. This ‘memory jar’ can serve as a time capsule that you can revisit on anniversaries.

Garden Ornaments

For those with a green thumb, use your dried flowers from the process of drying your wedding bouquet to adorn garden ornaments, such as birdhouses or garden stakes. This method allows you to bring a bit of your wedding day beauty outdoors, preserving the essence of your special day in a natural, decorative form.

Floral Tapestry

Create a small tapestry or fabric hanging that incorporates dried flowers as part of the textile design. This could be a quilted piece, a woven hang, or embroidered with floral elements, making it a unique piece of art.

Scented Wax Sachets

Make scented wax sachets by embedding dried flowers in scented beeswax. These can be hung in closets, placed in drawers, or used as air fresheners in your car, providing a subtle fragrance and visual beauty.

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