The Essence of Lace and Luce, Ottawa’s Top Photographers

  • Publication date: 02/07/2024
  • Updated: 02/07/2024

The story of Lace and Luce is not just about wedding photography in Ottawa; it's a narrative steeped in romance and artistic flair. The couple behind the name, Jennifer and Salvatore, have a tale that could rival any cinematic love story. Their partnership in life and work began with a twist of fate in Positano. Jennifer recounts, "The two of us met one day by utter chance when a car accident in Positano led me to meet the love of my life."

This unexpected meeting between a Canadian art aficionado and an Italian sommelier sparked a collaboration that would lead to the establishment of a unique photography brand.

The Photographic Philosophy of Lace and Luce

Photo by Lace and Luce
Photo by Lace and Luce

Jennifer and Salvatore have a clear vision for their photography, striving to encapsulate the authenticity of each moment. They describe their style as "classic, documentary, and editorial," aiming to create images that are timeless and narratively rich. They take a humble approach to their work, seeing themselves as chroniclers of love stories, with an eye for the quiet, yet significant moments.

The Tools of Their Trade

Photo by Lace and Luce
Photo by Lace and Luce

When it comes to equipment, Lace and Luce are well-stocked with gear that helps them achieve their distinctive look. "We have many cameras! Several film cameras including a Pentax 645 medium format. For our digital work, we use Nikon d750's as well as GFX," they share, highlighting their appreciation for both the classic and the contemporary tools of their craft. This fusion of old and new is a testament to their commitment to quality and their understanding of photography as an evolving art form.

Capturing the Essence of Each Celebration

Photo by Lace and Luce
Photo by Lace and Luce

The duo approaches every wedding with fresh eyes, recognizing the inherent uniqueness of each event. They believe in the power of collaboration with their clients and the settings they find themselves in. "We love the uniqueness of every wedding and couple we shoot. We love that to create an image a whole flurry of factors play together and there needs to be a collaboration between us, who we are photographing, and the lighting and setting to create something special to that moment," they say, embracing the distinctive elements that make each celebration special.

This belief is also reflected in their post-processing, "We seek to match our images colour-wise to our film images and try not to overly process the images after we shoot," maintaining the integrity and natural beauty of each shot.

A Personal Connection with Each Client

Photo by Lace and Luce
Photo by Lace and Luce

Jennifer and Salvatore don't just see their clients as subjects to be photographed; they view them as partners in the creative process. They work closely with each couple to understand their vision and ensure that the outcome reflects the couple's personality and desires. They believe in the importance of being present and recommend to their clients, "To ignore everything else and be in the moment. This is the one thing that truly leads to the most special of images."

The commitment to capturing the essence of their subjects, the celebration of each unique love story, and the dedication to their craft all blend together to define the work of Jennifer and Salvatore of Lace and Luce—a couple that turns life's fleeting moments into everlasting art.

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