Embrace Your Unique Journey: Dream Weddings Crafted by Roots To Stems Wedding Planning

  • Publication date: 05/15/2024
  • Updated: 05/15/2024

In the vibrant tapestry of the wedding planning industry, few stories resonate with the warmth, innovation, and sheer resilience of Roots To Stems Wedding Planning. Nestled in the sun-drenched landscapes of Orlando, Florida, this boutique wedding planning and events company emerged from the crucible of a global pandemic, not just to survive but to thrive, redefining the very essence of matrimonial celebrations. Behind this transformative vision stands, a figure of passion, innovation, and an indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship - Alayna Mines. From her early roots in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to the historic preservation of love stories, her journey is a testament to the enduring power of love and the American dream.

Embarking on a Journey of Love and Legacy

The story begins in the heart of Wisconsin, where Alayna was born into a family deeply engaged in the world of event planning. This early exposure, fostered by her parents' involvement in organizing one of the largest event expos globally, sowed the seeds of passion that would later bloom into a lifelong career. After relocating to Florida, this passion was nurtured through her academic pursuits at Stetson University, culminating in a degree in Communication and Journalism. Alayna's professional journey took her across the United States, working with renowned brands and honing her skills in strategic marketing and sales. Yet, it was the planning of her wedding that rekindled her deep-seated love for the event industry, setting her on the path to entrepreneurship.

Facing Adversity with Innovation

The inception of Roots To Stems coincided with the onset of a global pandemic, a time fraught with uncertainty and challenges. Rather than retreating, it embraced this as an opportunity to innovate, pioneering the concept of “Virtual Wedding Planning” through the “Pocket Planner” service. This forward-thinking approach offered a lifeline to couples during a time when traditional wedding planning was fraught with obstacles. “I actually announced that I was opening my wedding planning business the week before the entire world shut down. I thought to myself, should I just give up now? This is crazy… There’s no way you can make this work. I was scared and had so many second thoughts on my go-forward plan. But I kept the faith and leaned into support from my family and friends and just kept going,” Alayna Mines recounts, reflecting on the audacity of hope that propelled her forward. Her determination and innovative spirit were not just about sustaining a business; they were about sustaining dreams.

A Historic Venture: The Palm Mansion

The narrative of Roots To Stems took a historic turn with the acquisition of The Palm Mansion, a testament to Alayna's vision of bringing love stories to life within the walls of a legacy steeped in history. The restoration of this 1904 mansion is more than a business venture; it's a heart-led mission to preserve a century-old legacy of love. “This next venture truly hit down to my very core of what I’m passionate about. Bringing love stories to life is what I passionately do for a living in my wedding planning business, and this house will be no different. The love and deep care that went into the initial build of this home 120 years ago until last July when I bought the property. It has been drenched in love by the family for 6 generations, and I can’t wait to continue that legacy of love. We plan to focus our design on restoring the property to its former glory and bringing The Collins Family (The original family that built the house) into every aspect. I am very passionate about telling the Collins family story and continuing their legacy,” she shares, her words echoing the deep emotional investment in this project. The Palm Mansion is not just a venue; it's a monument to love's enduring legacy, meticulously restored for generations of lovers to come.

Philosophical Foundations and Unforgettable Moments

Roots To Stems is built on a philosophy that every couple has a unique story to tell, a narrative deeply rooted in their shared history and dreams. “Our goal is to understand our couples from their roots to their stems to tell that story in event form. Every detail of their big day should be strongly rooted in their love story, and thoughtfully telling that story in event form is what we do. Our couples come in all different forms, and we love them all. From the highly detailed, meticulous dreamers to our all-trusting, unquestioning believers. We believe our family-like atmosphere and deep care we take in our clients creates a sense of community, excitement, and openness as we plan the biggest day of their lives together!”  Alayna emphasizes, underscoring the importance of personalizing each event to reflect the couple's love story. One of the most poignant memories she shares is from the wedding of Anja and Zak, where a surprise dance between Zak and his mother, challenged by ALS, moved everyone to tears. “Truly, I could not believe my eyes and my heart just pounded as I experienced this heartwarming moment. I thought this is what weddings are all about — family and LOVE. I was able to capture this moment on video and the reel went viral from so millions of others watching the beautiful moment and feeling a part of this special experience. We were featured on E! News, Good Morning America, and countless other massive publications. It brought me so much joy knowing that we were able to share this family’s story with so many others as well as gain awareness for ALS and those suffering from the disease. It was a privilege to be able to share this story with so many others,” Alayna recalls, highlighting the profound impact of these moments.

The Art of Collaboration: Crafting Unforgettable Weddings with Roots To Stems

At the heart of every unforgettable wedding is a symphony of collaboration, a dance of creativity and precision where every detail sings in harmony. For Roots To Stems Wedding Planning, this collaborative spirit is not just a facet of their work—it's the essence of it. “I love the team aspect of wedding planning not only with my team at Roots To Stems but working in sync with other vendors to create an absolute spectacle for our clients. The icing on the cake is when we all work seamlessly, our clients experience the most epic day!” Alayna shares, her passion for teamwork shining through every word. Growing up immersed in the world of sports, Alayna has always thrived on the exhilaration of the game, a sentiment she carries into every wedding she orchestrates. It's this collective effort, the seamless integration of florists, DJs, rental partners, and more, that ensures each wedding day unfolds flawlessly, even in the face of unexpected snags.

Roots To Stems prides itself on its ability to offer tailored experiences, understanding that no two love stories are the same. “We customize our packages to best fit our couples, as everyone is different and has different needs for their big day. Our planners can easily adapt to our packages and offer each client a custom experience,” they explain. The company's approach is both flexible and comprehensive, offering three core packages—Month Of Planning, Partial Planning Package, and Full Service Planning Package—as starting points from which clients can build. The journey begins with a complimentary Discovery Call, an opportunity for the team to truly understand the needs and dreams of each couple. This initial conversation is crucial, laying the groundwork for a planning process that adapts and evolves to meet, and often exceeds, every expectation.

The essence of Roots To Stems' success lies in its adaptability and commitment to personalization. Whether clients require subtle guidance or comprehensive support, the team stands ready to sculpt a wedding experience that is as unique as the love it celebrates. “We pride ourselves on being flexible and always accommodating to whatever our couples may need along the way,” they emphasize. This dedication to service, coupled with an innate understanding of the collaborative nature of wedding planning, ensures that every event is not just a day to remember, but a masterpiece of collective effort and shared vision.

Crafting Unique Experiences with Unmatched Flexibility

Roots To Stems prides itself on an unmatched level of flexibility and accommodation, understanding that the essence of a remarkable wedding lies in the details that are most meaningful to the couple and their loved ones. The team takes a holistic approach, getting to know not just the couple but their families and histories, ensuring that every element of the wedding reflects their collective stories and dreams. “By diligently listening, and getting to know our couples on a deeper level, we feel it is this connection that separates us from the rest. Paired with unbeatable processes, organization, and a seasoned team!” they reflect, emphasizing the importance of this deep, personal connection in their planning process.

A Venue for Every Dream

Roots To Stems boasts a portfolio of exquisite venues, including the historically rich Palm Mansion—a property they own and operate. This, along with other prestigious venues such as Howey Mansion, LUXMORE Estate, and Cypress Grove provides a stunning backdrop for weddings of all styles. The team also relishes the opportunity to plan private residence weddings, offering a highly personal touch to celebrations held at family homes. “We love working at The Palm Mansion…as well as planning many private residence weddings, which is always a fun challenge and a very beautiful, personal event created for our couples,” says the founder.

Overcoming Challenges with Ingenuity and Passion

The journey of Roots To Stems is a testament to overcoming challenges through ingenuity, passion, and a scrappy willingness to learn and grow. Reflecting on the early days, Alayna Mines, the founder shares, “I think I faced my biggest challenges at the beginning… I started with a small laptop and maybe $100. I built my brochures and website using CANVA and Go Daddy and learned how to do those things through watching YouTube videos. Furthermore, I built my processes, timelines, and client materials using Google Docs and took checks from clients to save on the fee’s of a Customer Management Portal. Really anything I could do myself or learn for free, I did, You have to be scrappy and willing to put the work in on your own and THEN grow as your company grows.” This humble beginning, fueled by a relentless drive and a belief in the power of starting small, laid the groundwork for the company's success. The narrative of growth from a single laptop to the opening of a historic venue illustrates a journey of determination, fueled by the dream of bringing love stories to life.

A Message of Hope and Inspiration

To those standing at the threshold of their dreams, the message from Roots To Stems is clear: “Just start where you are. Do you have a computer? Do you have access to the Internet? Do you have passion? Ok, that’s a great place to start!” This ethos of beginning with the basics, paired with a steadfast commitment to growth and innovation, is what transformed Roots To Stems from a fledgling idea into a beacon of success in the wedding planning industry.

Coordinating Wedding Planning with Personalized Budgets and Celebrating Unique Love Stories

At Roots To Stems Wedding Planning, the approach to helping couples stay within their budget is as unique and personalized as the weddings they plan. Emphasizing a flexible and understanding approach to budget management, the team employs a dynamic sliding scale system that respects the fluid nature of wedding finances. “We recognize that not every aspect of the wedding may be financially defined and that family members might contribute to specific areas, we embrace the unpredictable nature of budgets,” explains the founder, highlighting the importance of adaptability in budget planning. This system allows for adjustments based on the couple's priorities, such as food and beverage, ensuring that funds are allocated in a way that reflects what truly matters to them.

Dream venues play a significant role in bringing these love stories to life, and for Roots To Stems, Bella Collina in Montverde, FL, holds a special place in her heart. Having personally celebrated her own wedding there, Alayna Mines describes it as a dream venue that now represents a professional milestone. “Achieving that goal felt like a significant accomplishment,” she reflects, expressing her eagerness to plan more weddings at this enchanting location. For Alayna, watching others experience their perfect day at Bella Collina brings immense joy, underscoring the profound satisfaction derived from making dream weddings a reality.

The Future Beckons with Promise

As Roots To Stems continues to evolve and The Palm Mansion nears its grand introduction, the future shines brightly for Alayna’s dedicated team. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, personalized service, and celebrating love ensures their place at the forefront of the wedding planning industry. “To the couples planning their wedding, remember this is your unique love story unfolding. Embrace the essence of it being your special day. Inject joy, and infuse every moment with your personalities! Take the time to reflect deeply on the elements you want to weave into your celebration and don't let external opinions sway the authenticity of your feelings. It's your narrative, your day—make it a true reflection of your love,” Alayna advises, her words a guiding light for couples embarking on their journey of love.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of wedding planning, Roots To Stems stands as a beacon of hope, innovation, and timeless love. Through visionary leadership, every wedding becomes not just an event but a chapter in a larger story of love, meticulously crafted for generations to remember and cherish.

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