Emblem Flowers: A Journey of Passion and Creativity in the World of Wedding Floristry

  • Publication date: 09/16/2023

Delve into the colorful and fragrant world of Charmain, the woman behind Emblem Flowers, one of the 10 best wedding florists in Los Angeles. From chasing dreams to creating a successful floral design business, Charmain embodies the spirit of passion and creativity. The upcoming sections of our narrative shed light on her unique approach to floral artistry, her most cherished experiences, insights into her working styles, budgets, and the latest trends of 2023. We also get a peek into her personal preferences in floral design and her advice for couples finding their style. Brace yourself for a delightful tour of Charmain's beautiful world where flowers bloom, dreams blossom, and every arrangement tells a story.

Meet Charmain: From Dreamer to Floral Maestro

Photo by Emblem Flowers
Photo by Emblem Flowers

Let us first acquaint you with the vivacious Charmain, the floral maestro steering the ship at Emblem Flowers. Charmain's journey is an inspiring tale of chasing dreams and seeing them blossom beautifully. She had once stood at the crossroads of her career - a choice between the sophisticated realm of interior design and the vibrant world of floral design. Speaking about her journey, she said, "I had a dream of one day starting my own business and I really wanted to do something creative." The allure of flowers was undeniable, and that marked the beginning of her beautiful journey.

The Joy in Floral Creations

Photo by Emblem Flowers
Photo by Emblem Flowers

The wedding floristry industry is a playground of creativity and Charmain savors every moment of it. From picking the perfect petals to crafting exquisite arrangements, it's the "finished result" that fills her with an overwhelming sense of achievement. "When you walk into the event space and see all the moving parts have all come together and the flowers are all on display, the experience can be quite wondrous and transcendent," she passionately describes. The transformative power of floral design truly fuels Charmain's passion and drives her in creating stunning works of art.

Charmain’s Most Cherished Wedding Experience

Photo by Emblem Flowers
Photo by Emblem Flowers

Each wedding presents a new canvas for Charmain to paint with her floral artistry, but one particularly memorable occasion stands out. "Probably working an intimate wedding at the top of a private home in Belvedere alongside an incredible caterer," she recalls. This wedding, with its meticulously thought-out design elements, continues to bloom in the garden of her memories.

Working Styles, Budgets, and Trends

Photo by Emblem Flowers
Photo by Emblem Flowers

As a seasoned professional, Charmain understands the balance between aesthetics and practicality. She typically starts with a budget of $10K for full-scale weddings and $5K for intimate ones, but acknowledges that "there is flexibility though during slower seasons." Charmain’s creativity is not bound by conventions. She's open to infusing non-traditional elements in her floral arrangements, stating, "It’s great if that’s the vibe that the couple desires and we can integrate it into the overall vision."

Keeping up with the latest trends, she highlights that the floral world of 2023 is witnessing a surge in "more elaborate and immersive designs in the ceremony space." A walk down an aisle ensconced in a rich tapestry of flowers? Now, that's the Charmain touch!

Choosing Your Style and Floral Obsessions

Photo by Emblem Flowers
Photo by Emblem Flowers

If you're finding it difficult to decide your wedding's floral style, Charmain has some advice. She suggests couples delve into their preferences in other aesthetic domains. She states, "Are you drawn to designs that are more maximalist or are you a minimalist at heart that loves simplicity? Are you drawn to vibrant, loud colors or muted, calming tones? From there we could recommend a floral style that may be more aligned to your tastes."

Lastly, let's explore Charmain's floral favorites. With their unique shape and vibrant colors, Martagon Lilies captured her heart. But the elusive white oncidium orchids remain a wish yet to be fulfilled. She admits, "I would love to work with white oncidium orchids but I have not found any growers here in Southern California that sell them."

In conclusion, Charmain's world is an enchanting blend of creativity, passion, and dreamlike floral designs. And that is the irresistible charm of Emblem Flowers. Through Charmain's journey and passion, we learn the transformative power of flowers, not just in places or moments, but in lives too.

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