EM Events: Mastering the Art of Perfect Weddings

  • Publication date: 06/04/2024
  • Updated: 06/04/2024

In the enchanting realm of wedding planning, where dreams are woven into reality and every detail echoes the love story it represents, EM Events stands as a beacon of creativity, dedication, and unparalleled service. With a decade of experience transforming ordinary moments into unforgettable memories, we sat down with the visionary behind EM Events to delve into the journey, philosophy, and heart behind this extraordinary company.

The Spark of Creation

Photo EM Events
Photo EM Events

“About 10 years ago, I embarked on what would become the most exhilarating and daunting adventure of my life — the creation of EM Events,” begins Emilie Waxman, reflecting on the origins of their venture. “I've always been drawn to the world of event planning, but it was my husband's encouragement that truly set me on this path. He believed in me more than I believed in myself at times, asking, 'Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself?'”

Their first foray into wedding planning was nothing short of serendipitous. “The first wedding I ever planned was when another event planner who wasn’t able to be there the day of forget event asked me to take over. She gave me all the confidence and tools I needed to run a successful event and I killed it! I am still friendly with the bride to this day!”

The Joy of Creation

When asked what they love most about wedding planning, the answer is filled with genuine affection and pride. “Seeing the result! All our hard work after months and months of planning coming to life is so rewarding. Also, when the bride and groom see the reception room for the first time, and they are blown away puts such a smile on my face. During the process, it’s hard sometimes for them to visualize the result when it comes so naturally for me, but I don’t mind as our clients trust us and the vision we create for them.”

Philosophy and Services

EM Events operates under a philosophy of personalized, heartfelt service, aiming to be part of one of the happiest days in a couple's life. Offering a variety of packages—from full coordination to day-of services—the team at EM Events is dedicated to meeting every couple's unique needs.

Challenges and Triumphs

Photo EM Events
Photo EM Events

Despite the joy and fulfillment that comes with the job, wedding planning is not without its challenges. “Managing everyone's emotions and expectations is often the most complex part of our job,” the founder shares. But it's a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly because it pushes EM Events to excel and ensure that every wedding is as seamless and beautiful as the couple imagined.

Words of Wisdom

To couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, Emilie Waxman from EM Events offers sage advice: “Planning a wedding is an emotional rollercoaster — trust me I went through it. The best thing is to communicate and try to always be on the same page…and try not to let family bud in.”

A Final Thought

Photo EM Events
Photo EM Events

As our interview comes to a close, it's clear that EM Events is more than a wedding planning company—it's a dream factory, where visions are nurtured, and love stories are celebrated in their most beautiful form. At EM Events believe that every wedding is a testament to love's enduring power. It's not just about one day; it's about creating a lifetime of memories.

For those dreaming of a wedding that transcends the ordinary, EM Events promises a journey filled with passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to making your most cherished dreams come true.

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