DreamGroup Weddings + Events: Mastering Luxury Wedding Planning

  • Publication date: 06/08/2024
  • Updated: 06/12/2024

In the vibrant city of Vancouver, a place where dreams and reality converge, DreamGroup Weddings + Events emerges as a luminary in the wedding planning sphere. Under the stewardship of Genève, a maestro of matrimonial orchestration, this establishment has carved a niche for itself, championing a bespoke approach to wedding planning. Our conversation with Genève not only peels back the layers of her illustrious career but also offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of DreamGroup Weddings + Events, a company that turns the ephemeral into the eternal.

Embarking on the Dream

The genesis of Genève's journey into the world of wedding planning was not serendipitous, but a path marked by purpose and passion. Her career began with the role of Catering Manager at a prime wedding venue in Vancouver, where she was enthralled by the magic of weddings. It was here that the seeds of DreamGroup Weddings + Events were sown. “My wedding journey began as a bright and ambitious 21-year-old taking on the role of Catering Manager for one of Vancouver’s most popular wedding venues,” Genève recalls, her eyes lighting up at the memory. In 2004, she took a leap of faith, co-founding DreamGroup Productions with a vision to introduce a wedding planning service to Vancouver that was unparalleled in its creativity and commitment to excellence. Her pioneering efforts have not gone unnoticed; Genève has been adorned with accolades such as the Professional BC Wedding Awards Industry Achievement Award and the Best Luxury Event Planning Award, a nod to her dedication and influence in the industry.

The Essence of Wedding Planning

For Genève, wedding planning is far more than orchestrating an event; it's a voyage of realizing dreams and surpassing expectations. “Every client I work with provides me with an opportunity to help them create an experience that surpasses all expectations. My goal is to support my couples and help them realize a celebration that will delight them and make them proud. We have one chance to get this moment right, and together we will,” she articulates with a blend of enthusiasm and conviction. This ethos of striving for unparalleled perfection and creating enduring memories is the cornerstone of DreamGroup Weddings + Events, ensuring that each wedding is a distinct reflection of the couple's love story and journey.

Philosophy of Excellence

“Our recognized expertise in planning, our passion, and dedication to the wedding industry, and our cherished professional relationships allow us to create wedding experiences that exceed expectations every time.” 

At the core of DreamGroup's success is a philosophy steeped in the belief that successful weddings are meticulously crafted through understanding, attention to detail, and open communication. “Successful weddings don’t just happen. They are well-planned,” Genève states, underscoring the comprehensive approach that DreamGroup adopts. This ethos of excellence, bolstered by a coalition of esteemed service providers and a passionate planning team, empowers DreamGroup Weddings + Events to orchestrate weddings that are not only visually stunning but also resonate deeply with the couple’s ethos and narrative.

“Whether you’re planning a classic ballroom affair, a logistically challenging home wedding, a romantic garden-tented reception, or a grand multi-day culturally infused celebration, you will be so proud of what we create together.”

Tailored Services for Unique Visions

DreamGroup Weddings + Events prides itself on offering a kaleidoscope of services designed to meet the myriad needs and aspirations of its clients. From opulent ballroom galas to intimate garden-tented receptions, the team at DreamGroup Weddings + Events is adept at bringing to fruition weddings that are a genuine reflection of each couple's unique identity. “We love the idea that a couple’s wedding should be “ridiculously amazing” in its way!  What makes a wedding ridiculously incredible will mean different things to different people.  Our goal is to help you maximize your vision and priorities and host a wedding that is a perfect representation of the two of you and the things you love!” Genève affirms, highlighting the versatility and customizability of their services. The company’s commitment to crafting weddings that are “ridiculously amazing” is evident in its dedication to understanding and embodying the couple’s vision and priorities.

A Symphony of Collaboration

“We are all capable of planning any wedding that comes our way, however, the planning experience will be that much more fun and wonderful by collaborating with a planner whose style and personality you connect with most.”

The journey to the altar with DreamGroup Weddings + Events is inherently collaborative, ensuring that couples are integral to the creative process. “Although you will be working with one of us exclusively throughout the planning, you will always have the benefit of a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, well-connected people behind you!” Genève emphasizes. This spirit of collaboration, supported by a team of knowledgeable and passionate planners, ensures that the planning process is not just efficient but also enjoyable and memorable for the couple.


In the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, DreamGroup Weddings + Events stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, creativity, and dedication. Led by Genève, the company continues to redefine the essence of wedding planning, creating experiences that transcend the ordinary and venture into the realm of the extraordinary. Through our dialogue with Genève, it's clear that for her and her team, wedding planning is not merely a profession but a calling. A chance to breathe life into the dreams of couples and craft memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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