Dmitry Garvanko: Interview with a Top Wedding Photographer in Como, Italy

  • Publication date: 04/13/2024
  • Updated: 04/13/2024

In our insightful conversation with Dmitry Garvanko, we uncovered the essence of his journey to becoming one of the Como’s top photographers. Dmitry's early fascination with the camera has been a constant companion throughout his life. "Since my childhood, my view of the world has been enveloped by the magic of the camera," he shared, reflecting on his lifelong passion. 

Symphony of Style

Photo by Dmitry Garvanko
Photo by Dmitry Garvanko

His approach to photography is about crafting a visual narrative. Dmitry describes this process as creating "a kind of chronicle of sophistication in each frame." His days are fully immersed in the art of photography, each shot being a step towards his unique visual symphony. Inspired by magazine pages, he has cultivated an aesthetic that embodies sophistication and elegance, with a hint of luxury in every frame.

When asked about his style, Dmitry eloquently puts it, "My mission is to capture the most important day in exquisite shots that epitomize style and elegance." He emphasizes the combination of new trends with timeless classics, ensuring his work remains ever-relevant. His photography is more than just images; it's about stories told in each frame.

"I am forever striving for perfection, covering every detail of special moments with a unique attention to style," he asserts. This relentless pursuit of perfection has shaped his approach to photography, making his work stand out in a world filled with images.

Equipment and Technique

Photo by Dmitry Garvanko
Photo by Dmitry Garvanko

Discussing the technical aspects of his work, Dmitry reveals his preference for the latest models of Canon cameras, specifically two Canon R6 Mark II cameras. "My favorite lens and most often used is Canon rf 28-70 2.0," he states, highlighting his choice of equipment that aids in capturing his artistic vision. The use of Godox flashes further assists in achieving the perfect lighting for his shoots. His post-processing routine involves meticulous color correction and retouching, especially for wedding photos, ensuring each image reflects his signature style.

The Client Experience

Photo by Dmitry Garvanko
Photo by Dmitry Garvanko

Dmitry places immense importance on understanding and collaborating with his clients. "My creativity begins with a deep understanding of my client's uniqueness and what makes their day special," he explains. Through careful listening and attention to detail, he ensures that each client's vision is brought to life, offering comfort and confidence even in the early stages of communication. Dmitry's professionalism extends to his etiquette and calm demeanor during shoots, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience for his clients.

He also specializes in destination weddings. "Yes, I do destination weddings, but most of my weddings are in Italy," Dmitry shares, illustrating his ability to incorporate the beauty of diverse locations into his work. 

His service offerings include 8-12 hours of coverage for weddings. He's open to creating customized packages to suit the specific needs of each couple, ensuring their special day is captured in a way that truly reflects their essence.

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