A Dialogue with Boyko Studio, a Top Wedding Photography Company in the Dominican Republic

  • Publication date: 01/28/2024
  • Updated: 01/31/2024

"I am originally from Ukraine and started with fashion photography in a studio," begins Denis Boyko, the founder of Boyko Studio, a top wedding photography company in the Dominican Republic. "I moved to the Dominican Republic 9 years ago and continued my photography career in the wedding industry. Captured more than 400 weddings, opened my photography and videography studio in Punta Cana. I love wedding photography because it gives me an opportunity to create a unique love story." This wasn't merely a change in location for Denis; it signified a transformation in his artistic expression. His style is a fusion of editorial sophistication and natural grace. It's about weaving a unique love story for each couple, one wedding at a time.

Technical Mastery and Artistic Approach

Photo by Boyko Studio
Photo by Boyko Studio

Denis's mastery of his craft extends beyond his keen eye for the perfect shot. His toolkit is a photographer's dream. From the medium format Fuji GFX100S to the Nikon Z7 and Canon R6, each camera brings its unique perspective to light and emotion.

In post-processing, Denis turns these captured moments into enduring memories. This is where the magic happens. Blending editorial finesse with fine art, and adding the timeless elegance of black and white, he strives to infuse each photo with its own soul.

Philosophy and Client Collaboration

Photo by Boyko Studio
Photo by Boyko Studio

Denis grows more animated when discussing his philosophy. "I love capturing a moment that the clients will cherish for the rest of their lives," he reflects. "We enjoy the art to photograph people at their best side."

Collaborating with clients is a key aspect of his approach. "Find out what clients love and what they don't about photography style, posings, and how they see themselves. Create an inspiration board," he shares.

Logistics and Recommendations

Photo by Boyko Studio
Photo by Boyko Studio

On logistics, Denis maintains a meticulous approach. In a year, his team manages around 80 weddings. Each event receives his undivided attention, typically spanning 9 hours. They're flexible when it comes to meeting specific needs. Custom packages? Absolutely!

And for those looking to capture their special day, Boyko Studio has some pearls of wisdom. "Hire professional makeup and hair artist, work on outfits and style for shooting," they advise with a knowing smile. "Trust your photographer and follow his instructions during a photoshoot."

So, that's the world of Boyko Studio, a journey from fashion photography to capturing love stories, a blend of technical prowess and heartfelt storytelling.

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