Danelle Bohane on the Art of Wedding Photography in Melbourne

  • Publication date: 03/31/2024

We've journeyed into the creative realm of Danelle Bohane, a famous photographer in Melbourne, whose passion has blossomed over 14 transformative years. Danelle eloquently shares, "After fourteen years and more than 300 weddings later the same thing still drives me today as it did when I started; creating timeless images that capture the unhindered connection between two souls and with those who surround."

Crafting Visual Narratives

Photo by Danelle Bohane
Photo by Danelle Bohane

When asked about her photography style, Danelle describes it as "intimate and emotive." She aims to delve deep into the moment's emotions, capturing it in its purest form. This style is vividly reflected in her choice of equipment – a mirrorless Sony setup with prime lenses, chosen for their ability to capture crisp, emotionally rich images.

Her post-processing technique is an extension of her artistic vision. "I generally just have one colour and one b&w preset that evolves over the years. Consistency is a big part of my process in a series of images and from each wedding to the next. There are so many other variables when it comes to capturing a wedding day so keeping a cohesive editing style is so important to me and one that only enhances images rather than being too dominant," she states. This approach ensures that each wedding album is a cohesive story, reflecting the unique essence of the couple's special day.

Danelle emphasizes the importance of tailoring her services to meet the unique needs of each couple. "I do this often if it’s a destination wedding that has multiple days included for documentation," she explains.

The Alchemy of Connection

Photo by Danelle Bohane
Photo by Danelle Bohane

Danelle's recent move to Melbourne, Australia, from her native New Zealand, marks a significant chapter in her life. She undertook this journey alongside her husband, Dirk, and their precious son, Albie. This transition represents a geographical shift and a deepening of her artistic pursuit of capturing love's enduring language.

Danelle finds her greatest joy in photography through the ability to observe and capture meaningful connections between people. She values the creative aspect of this process, finding beauty in the subtleties of human interactions. Her approach to client relationships is grounded in kindness and trust. "Treat them with kindness and focus on building trust. For me being relational and client-centric will always be the way for me to be able to document the way I do and to get people to let me move in close," she says.

A Canvas of Memories

Photo by Danelle Bohane
Photo by Danelle Bohane

For clients preparing for their special day, Danelle advises, "Get a good line of communication going between you and your photographer and discuss timelines early before it’s set in stone. So much of my job on a wedding day is dictated by time and the last thing I want is a couple to feel rushed on their special day." She stresses the importance of a stress-free wedding day and encourages couples to stay true to their desires. "Try cutting out the noise and opinions of others and do what you as a couple want and is true and valuable to you guys, it’s your day to celebrate your love!" she advises.

Danelle's enthusiasm for destination weddings is palpable. "I couldn’t pick but my most memorable one was in India and I do love a good NYC wedding," she shares with a smile.

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