Crafting Timeless Memories: An Interview with Kamilia Shin, One of the Most Famous Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

  • Publication date: 09/07/2023
  • Updated: 09/07/2023

We're excited to share the fascinating journey of the mastermind behind Kamilia Shin Photography. Originating from a quaint Lithuanian town, Kamilia ventured forth to Vancouver, Canada, six years ago, embarking on a personal and artistic journey that would transform her life and craft. Her first brush with a camera occurred at the tender age of seventeen. What started as a simple hobby of capturing her friends and the wonders of nature, she says, has now "transformed into a purpose". She cherishes the ability to create "effortless memories and chic portraits for my couples which will stand the time."

Four Years and Counting

Photo by Kamilia Shin
Photo by Kamilia Shin

Kamilia became a full-time professional wedding photographer four years ago, after her move to Canada. "Photography has been with me over 10 years. But as a full-time professional wedding photographer, it has been 4 years I'm capturing love through my lens," she beams with evident pride. Her style is an exquisite blend of timeless, classic, and effortless fine art photos.

The Tools of Her Art

Photo by Kamilia Shin
Photo by Kamilia Shin

When it comes to equipment, Kamilia is an avowed Canon devotee, adding that she also has a fondness for vintage aesthetics. "I'm a Canon shooter, also I love to take old-school photos on the little pocket film camera," she says. But her creative process extends beyond the act of shooting. Kamilia employs Lightroom for color correction and Photoshop for achieving a pristine look in her images.

Creating Experiences, Not Just Photos

Photo by Kamilia Shin
Photo by Kamilia Shin

Kamilia's passion lies not merely in snapping photos, but in crafting beautiful memories and portraits for her couples. To achieve this, she believes in forging a deeper connection with her clients. "First, I try to get to know the client, what vibe or style they are looking for. I would like to know their taste and personalities. It's so helpful in further processing and results," she explains.

She manages to maintain balance while tackling an impressive 25 weddings per year. And for those dreamy-eyed, wanderlust-filled folks, Kamilia also shoots destination weddings. Her favorite destination? "My favorite is Los Cabos. I love the weather, the amount of beautiful and chic resorts," she says, leaving us daydreaming about stunning sunsets and idyllic beaches.

All in all, Kamilia Shin is a compelling blend of an artist who loves her craft and a guide who aids her clients in immortalizing their precious memories. We can't wait to see what captivating stories she'll tell next.

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