Crafting Dreams: The Stori Events Journey

  • Publication date: 05/28/2024
  • Updated: 06/12/2024

In the enchanting world of weddings, where every detail whispers tales of love and every moment is steeped in emotion, Jessy and Laurence of Stori Events, stand out as master storytellers. With a rich tapestry of experience and a heart deeply rooted in the art of celebration, the team at Stori Events brings to life weddings that are not just events, but enduring memories. In this exclusive interview, they offer a glimpse into their journey, philosophy, and the magic behind crafting bespoke weddings.

The Genesis of a Dream

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Stori Events's entry into the world of wedding planning is a narrative of passion, creativity, and the pursuit of magic. "Our journey began organically in New York. An inaugural wedding which took place in Brooklyn at The Liberty Warehouse.” they recall. The transition from witnessing weddings to orchestrating them was driven by a deep-seated love for creating memorable experiences. "The inspiration behind becoming wedding planners stemmed from a fascination with the intricacies of creating beautiful, meaningful experiences. Witnessing the joy and magic of weddings firsthand ignited a spark within us. We are drawn to the idea of being instrumental in bringing to life these dreams and aspirations of couples on their wedding day. The allure of curating unique experiences and translating love stories into beautifully orchestrated events becomes our driving force," the team reflects. The first wedding Stori Events planned was not just an event; it was the laying of their foundation which "set the tone for our approach."

The Heart of Wedding Planning

For Stori Events, wedding planning is more than just organizing an event; it's about bringing dreams to life. “It's incredibly fulfilling to translate a couple's vision into a meticulously crafted celebration. The chance to create these one-of-a-kind, unforgettable moments where every detail reflects the couple's personalities and love story is truly magical. There's a joy in witnessing the happiness and awe on their faces as they see their dream wedding unfold—it's a privilege to be a part of such a significant and joyous moment in their lives,” they share. 

Philosophy and Passion

At Stori Events, the philosophy is clear: "Every wedding should be a narrative—a beautifully woven tale that encapsulates the essence of the couple's journey together. Our approach is rooted in understanding our clients, their personalities, passions, and unique love stories, and translating that into an extraordinary celebration. As for the weddings we love to plan the most, we cherish diversity and embrace the opportunity to work on a wide range of weddings." This belief guides their approach to planning weddings that are as diverse as they are deeply personal. The team is drawn to "weddings that allow for creativity and personalization," whether it's an "intimate, whimsical garden affair or a cultural fusion extravaganza."

Tailoring Dreams

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“Our aim is to provide tailored experiences that align with each couple's unique vision and preferences. Here are some of the services we offer: Full-Service Planning: Comprehensive assistance from start to finish, covering every aspect of the wedding planning process. This includes venue selection, vendor management, design, logistics, and more. Partial Planning: For couples who have begun planning but need help with specific aspects or require additional guidance in certain areas. Ensuring the wedding day runs smoothly by managing logistics, timelines, and vendor coordination, allowing the couple to enjoy their day stress-free.”

Understanding that every couple is unique, Stori Events offers a range of services tailored to meet diverse needs. From full-service planning to design and décor, the team emphasizes the importance of customization. “We are more than happy to work closely with the couple to create a custom package that specifically meets their needs. Whether it's combining elements from different packages or tailoring services to fit their vision and budget, we strive to be flexible and accommodating. Our priority is to ensure that every couple receives the level of support and guidance they require throughout their wedding planning journey, making their experience with Stori Events as seamless and personalized as possible,” they state, underscoring the firm's commitment to personalization.

A Tapestry of Memories

“Every wedding we've had the honor of planning holds a cherished place in our hearts. Each one is a tapestry of unique stories, emotions, and moments that make them unforgettable in their own right. Every couple brings their dreams, personalities, and love stories to the table, allowing us to create something extraordinary and deeply personal. We've been privileged to witness tears of joy, heartfelt vows, and moments of pure happiness that make every wedding remarkable.”

When asked about the most memorable wedding, Stori Events reflect on the unique beauty of each event. “Every wedding holds its own magic,” they muse, highlighting the diversity of experiences that make each celebration unforgettable.

The Approach to Excellence

“We believe in a collaborative process that begins with active listening and open communication. Firstly, we take the time to get to know our clients personally. We delve into their preferences, styles, cultural backgrounds, and the story of their relationship. This helps us understand their vision for their wedding day and the emotions they want to evoke. We maintain open lines of communication throughout the planning process. Regular discussions, whether through meetings, emails, or calls, ensure that we're aligned with their evolving needs and desires. Attention to detail is crucial. We meticulously note down their preferences, from color palettes and themes to specific cultural or familial traditions they want to incorporate”

Stori Events describes their approach to working with clients as one rooted in understanding, collaboration, and flexibility. “Our goal is to be adaptable and resourceful, ensuring that we can pivot when necessary while keeping their vision at the forefront. Ultimately, our approach is centered around building trust, understanding, and a strong working relationship. By putting our clients at the heart of the process, we strive to exceed their expectations and create a wedding day that feels uniquely theirs.,” they explain.

Focused Creativity

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In terms of the number of weddings per year, Stori Events values quality over quantity. “We aim to maintain a comfortable workload that allows us to dedicate ample time and attention to every couple. We strive to strike a balance that ensures we can deliver the level of personalized service and creativity our clients deserve. This might mean taking on a select number of weddings per year to ensure that each one receives our full dedication and expertise. This approach allows us to create meaningful and unforgettable experiences for our couples while ensuring the highest standard of service and execution,” Stori Events state, emphasizing their dedication to excellence.

Venues and Visions

With no specific preference for venues, Stori Events reveals an openness to creating magic in any location. “We believe that every space holds the potential for beauty and can be transformed into a captivating backdrop for a couple's love story. Our expertise lies in envisioning and creating tailored experiences, whether it's at a well-known venue or a private residence. We embrace the opportunity to bring our expertise and creativity to any location, ensuring that each wedding reflects the couple's unique style and vision. Our goal is to curate a seamless and enchanting celebration, no matter the setting,” they assert, showcasing their versatility and creativity.

Overcoming Challenges

Stori Events views challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. "We've navigated a diverse range of hurdles. At Stori Events, we approach challenges as a chance to showcase our expertise and problem-solving abilities. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering, and we handle every obstacle with grace, adaptability, and meticulous attention to detail. We believe that challenges are an inherent part of the intricate tapestry that is wedding planning. Our experience has equipped us to anticipate potential hurdles and address them proactively, ensuring a seamless and magical experience for our couples. Whether it's managing unforeseen circumstances, accommodating unique requests, or handling intricate timelines, we embrace every challenge as an opportunity to exceed expectations and deliver a flawless celebration. Our dedication to crafting unforgettable moments remains steadfast, no matter the obstacle," they admit, but it's their commitment to their clients and problem-solving abilities that allow them to overcome any obstacle.

Budgeting Brilliance

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Stori Events offers sage advice for couples looking to stay on budget, emphasizing clear planning, vendor negotiation, and prioritization. "Our industry connections and experience allow us to negotiate with vendors to secure the best possible rates without compromising on quality. This helps stretch the budget further. We advise couples to prioritize the elements that matter most to them. If necessary, we can suggest areas where cost-cutting might be more feasible without compromising the overall vision. Building a contingency fund within the budget is crucial. Unforeseen expenses can arise, and having a buffer helps manage these surprises without causing stress. Regular Updates & Adjustments: Throughout the planning process, we keep the couple informed about the budget status," they reveal, highlighting their expertise in financial management.

Timeless Advice

For couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, the team’s advice is invaluable. "Start Early: Begin planning as soon as possible to have ample time to make decisions, book vendors, and handle details without unnecessary stress. Define Priorities: Identify what aspects of the wedding are most important to both of you. This will guide your budget allocation and decision-making process. Set a Realistic Budget: Establish a budget early on and stick to it as closely as possible. Be sure to include a buffer for unexpected expenses. Communication is Key: Open and honest communication between partners is crucial. Ensure you're both on the same page regarding your vision, priorities, and expectations for the day. Research and Consider Options: Explore various vendors, venues, and styles before making decisions. Don't be afraid to ask questions or seek recommendations. Delegate Tasks: If possible, delegate some responsibilities to family or trusted friends. This can alleviate some pressure and help things run smoothly. Take Breaks: Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times. Take breaks from planning to enjoy time together and maintain a healthy balance. Remember the Reason: Amidst the planning, don't lose sight of the reason behind the celebration—your love and commitment to each other. Flexibility and Adaptability: Be prepared for changes or unexpected situations. Stay flexible and focus on enjoying the journey, even if it doesn't go exactly as planned. Seek Help if Needed: Consider hiring a wedding planner if you feel overwhelmed," they advise, reminding couples to cherish the journey and seek help if needed.

A World of Possibilities

When it comes to their dream wedding venue, Stori Events’s vision is boundless. "Every location offers its own charm and unique possibilities. We're genuinely passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences in diverse settings, from luxurious ballrooms to rustic barns, breathtaking outdoor landscapes to historic landmarks. What truly excites us is the opportunity to explore new venues and destinations, to immerse ourselves in different cultures and settings. Each location brings its character and story, and we relish the chance to create magical moments wherever our couples' hearts take them. The idea of traveling to new places and discovering the potential for creating memorable weddings is incredibly inspiring. Whether it's in our local community or across borders, the thrill of crafting celebrations in various venues and locations is something we always look forward to. Ultimately, our dream is to continue exploring and turning each venue, wherever it may be, into the perfect canvas for our couples' unique love stories," they say, embracing the adventure of discovering new places and crafting unforgettable experiences.

Through these words, not only is a picture painted of profound dedication to the craft, but we are also invited into the heart of Stori Events, where every wedding is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with love, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to making dreams come true.

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