Crafting Dream Weddings: Events by Genevieve

  • Publication date: 06/06/2024
  • Updated: 06/08/2024

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Seattle, WA, Events by Genevieve has emerged as a beacon of fine art and timeless design in the world of wedding planning. With five years of dedicated service, Genevieve and her team of lead planners and event assistants have woven dreams into reality, bringing ultra-romantic designs and top-of-the-line customer experiences to life. Their commitment to service-minded excellence has not only defined their brand but has also set a new standard in the wedding planning industry.

A Journey Sparked by Personal Love

The genesis of Events by Genevieve was as personal as it gets. “My first wedding planning experience was for my very own wedding,” Genevieve shares, reflecting on the beginnings of her journey. This personal venture into the world of weddings sparked a passion that would soon evolve into a professional calling. “I've loved the process ever since,” she adds, her journey marked by a love story that transitioned into a career of crafting love stories for others.

The Philosophy of Dreams and Details

At the core of Events by Genevieve is a philosophy that intertwines simplicity with surprise. “We want to make this process easy for our clients while creating opportunities to surprise and delight them. We always love a challenge, whether it’s a logistically difficult space, a tight timeline, or a large design and installation. Those allow us opportunities to flex our creative planning skills and are so satisfying at the end of the night,” explains Genevieve. Her approach is rooted in a balance of logistical precision and creative flair, tackling challenges from difficult spaces to tight timelines with a grace that only comes from genuine passion and expertise.

Tailored Services for Every Love Story

Understanding that each couple's vision is unique, Events by Genevieve offers a spectrum of services designed to cater to varying needs. From Day Of+ Design to Full Planning and Design, each package is a testament to their versatility and dedication to client satisfaction. “Our clients can also customize their packages, adding time or additional services unique to their needs,” Genevieve highlights, showcasing her commitment to personalization and excellence.

A Memorable Floral Fantasy

Among the many weddings Genevieve has planned, one stands out as particularly memorable. “Our client's wedding in July 2022 had the largest vendor team we've ever worked with,” she recalls. The wedding, a floral fantasy brought to life by the clients themselves, the wedding florists, featured stunning arrangements and a custom Ao Dai by celebrity designer Thai Nguyen. “It was stunning… also published in several publication houses including BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, and Magnolia Rouge,” she proudly shares.

Beyond the Wedding Day

Genevieve's approach to working with clients extends far beyond the confines of event planning. “We truly get to know our clients. We become friends with them,” she says, emphasizing the depth of connection she fosters with each couple. This approach not only enriches the planning experience but ensures that every wedding is a genuine reflection of the couple's unique story and vision.

A Vision of Beauty and Excellence

When asked about her dream wedding venue, Genevieve doesn't hesitate. “Château de Michellia in Salem, OR. It’s a beautiful new private estate and a gem in the PNW,” she reveals, her eyes lighting up at the thought of planning a wedding in such a picturesque setting. This dream venue encapsulates the essence of Events by Genevieve: a blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance.

A Call to Future Brides and Grooms

For those embarking on the journey of planning their wedding, Genevieve offers a piece of sage advice: “At the minimum, you need a day coordinator to enjoy your day.” She underscores the importance of professional guidance, ensuring that every couple can experience the magic of their wedding day without the stress of logistics.

Partners in Creating Perfection

Genevieve's recommendation of top vendors, including Janet Lin Andersen and Emerald City Flowers, speaks to her network of excellence. These partnerships are a testament to her commitment to providing her clients with nothing but the best.

In the world of wedding planning, Events by Genevieve stands as a paragon of passion, dedication, and artistry. Genevieve's journey from planning her wedding to orchestrating the dreams of countless others is a narrative of love, creativity, and unforgettable moments. Through her eyes, we see the world not as it is, but as it could be, transformed by the magic of love and the art of planning.

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