The Craft and Vision of Micheal Beaulieu: A Premier Montreal Wedding Photographer

  • Publication date: 07/25/2023
  • Updated: 07/25/2023

Among the vibrant assortment of wedding photographers in Montreal, Micheal Beaulieu stands out as a luminary in the field. A seasoned photographer of 15 years, Micheal's distinctive style intertwines classic, elegant black-and-white frames with layered, color-filled images that unveil secrets. His work is a mirror of his personality - brimming with fun, intimacy, dreams, love, and an appreciation of life's beautiful moments.

A Minimalist Approach to Wedding Photography

Micheal adopts a minimalist approach, using point-and-shoot film cameras to create spontaneous and unpredictable moments. His post-processing technique is subtle, preferring to enhance photos with added grain, blur, and soft hues to produce a sense of lightness and boundless space. He captures images in black and white in-camera, capturing the raw essence of the moment.

The Joy of Capturing Authentic Moments

When asked about the most enjoyable part of his profession, Micheal's response reflects his passion for authenticity: "Being let into people's authentic selves, spending time with families over many years, and giving families very special collections of images that become more and more important over time."

Understanding Clients' Dreams and Aspirations

Micheal prioritizes understanding his clients' dreams, passions, and motivations to ensure he meets their desired outcomes. Typically offering 10 hours of wedding coverage, he captures all the crucial moments that matter the most.

Preparations for the Perfect Photoshoot

For a successful photoshoot or event, Micheal advises couples to work backwards. Visualize the look and feel of your favorite images from past shoots and plan accordingly, considering the perfect outfits, location, and weather conditions.

Flexible Packages for Every Wedding

Micheal is adept at handling up to 20 weddings per year, with packages starting at $4800 for a 10-hour coverage. He understands that every couple has unique needs and offers the flexibility to create custom wedding photography packages.

Adventurous Destination Wedding Photography

A seasoned traveler, Micheal is excited to offer destination weddings. His favorite destinations include Paris, New Orleans, and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta/BC, and he's always ready to explore new places like Spain and Japan, or anywhere blessed with beautiful light, views, and culture.

In Montreal or at an exotic destination, Micheal Beaulieu captures the soul of your love story with his graceful, elegant, and authentic photographic style.

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