A Conversation with a Professional Photographer in Melbourne Sofia Quint Photography

  • Publication date: 04/01/2024
  • Updated: 04/02/2024

Before diving into the world of photography, Sofia Quint honed her creative skills in design. "I worked as a designer for multiple years," she reminisces, recalling the early phase of her career. However, the allure of photography, especially wedding photography, eventually captured her heart.

"At the beginning of my career as a photographer, I worked in a studio doing commercial photography. It was not fulfilling for me as I wanted to really make a difference with my photography and capture the essence of beauty," she admits. This realization marked a pivotal change in her career, steering her towards wedding photography—a domain where she has been flourishing for eight years. 

Sofia Quint Photography Style

Sofia's photography style is an amalgamation of organic elements and editorial sophistication, deeply rooted in authenticity. She describes her approach, "I like to watch moments unfold and capture them from the sidelines, giving direction only when needed."

Sofia emphasizes the importance of light in her work, using it to craft the mood and narrative of her photographs. "Light is the tool that helps me set the mood for the story I'm trying to tell," she explains. This unobtrusive yet attentive method allows her to capture genuine moments, often laden with emotion and beauty, in a manner that feels both natural and artistically curated.

Artistry and Client Relations

The intersection of creativity and client interaction is where Sofia finds her greatest joy. "The creative aspect would have to be a highlight. There is a rush of happiness that surges through me when I know I have captured a moment that will be cherished. As well as receiving gratitude from my clients after a long day's work," she shares.

Her approach to working with clients is grounded in understanding and empathy. "I like to know the client's vision, truly understand how they want their day to feel," Sofia states, highlighting her commitment to making her clients comfortable and at ease. She ensures to check in with them at different stages of the wedding, ensuring their enjoyment and satisfaction.

In terms of services, Sofia offers comprehensive coverage, typically spanning 8-12 hours. She stresses the importance of customizing packages to fit each couple's unique needs and desires, always aiming to align her services with their vision.

Her piece of advice for clients preparing for a photo shoot or event is centered on confidence. "Make sure you feel like a million dollars in your outfit, the way you feel is projected through the camera. If you feel confident you will look confident and your photos will show just that," she advises. This focus on client confidence and comfort, combined with her artistic vision, makes Sofia Quint one of the top wedding photographers in Melbourne who not only captures moments but crafts lasting memories imbued with emotion and beauty.

Beyond Borders

Sofia's passion for photography extends beyond local weddings, as she enthusiastically embraces destination weddings. "I always look forward to traveling. Greece & Antigua Guatemala would have to be my top 2," she reveals, indicating her adaptability and eagerness to capture love stories in diverse locales.

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