A Conversation with Matteo Coltro: Interview with One of the Top Photographers in Como

  • Publication date: 04/15/2024
  • Updated: 04/15/2024

In our conversation with Matteo Coltro, it becomes abundantly clear that his path to photography is as vivid and colorful as his images. "I was born and raised between Cono and Milan, so the love for fashion is in my genes," he reflects with a nostalgic tone.

The initial chapters of his story were inked in the halls of economics and marketing, a world far removed from the vibrant streets of Milan he adored. "I found the world of finance too colorless," Matteo admits, revealing a yearning for a palette richer and more varied. It was this craving for color and life that propelled him into the world of wedding photography, a realm where emotions are as vivid as the hues captured by his lens.

The Art of Capturing Emotions: Style and Technique

Photo by Matteo Coltro
Photo by Matteo Coltro

Delving deeper into the world of one of the best wedding photographers in Como, we uncover the essence of his photography style. "A modern signature," he explains, "with an editorial approach enriched with natural and honest emotions for a timeless effect." His approach creates images that are more than just photographs; they are stories captured in a single frame.

Matteo’s tool of choice is a digital camera, but his post-production work is inspired by film. "Film-inspired post-production with natural and brilliant color," he says, highlighting his dedication to creating vibrant, life-like images that stand the test of time.

The Heart of the Craft: Connection and Adventure

Photo by Matteo Coltro
Photo by Matteo Coltro

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Matteo's photography is his love for the human connection. "I like being in contact with people from everywhere, making Lake Como known and telling their love story in such a beautiful place," he shares enthusiastically.

"I like to capture genuine, relaxed, and candid moments," Matteo reveals, emphasizing his talent for making clients feel comfortable and connected. This approach extends to his work in destination weddings, a realm where he feels equally at home. "I'm very lucky to be based on Lake Como but I like to travel all around Italy and France," he says, his eyes lighting up at the thought of new landscapes and stories waiting to be captured.

His advice to clients? "Be yourself and have fun during the shoot" This simple yet profound guidance encapsulates Matteo's philosophy: in the world seen through his lens, authenticity and joy are the most beautiful subjects.

Tailored Experiences: The Matteo Coltro Signature

preview-photographers-matteo-coltro-portfolio-photo-202677 (1).jpg
Photo by Matteo Coltro
Photo by Matteo Coltro

Every wedding, according to Matteo, is a unique narrative deserving its own bespoke photographic package. "My offer is based on a tailor-made package for each wedding," he states, underlining his commitment to personalization. His coverage typically ranges from 8 to 12 hours, ensuring every significant moment is immortalized. When asked about his minimum starting price, he smiles and says, "On request."

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