A Conversation with Cristina Duma, the founder of Pink Jasmine Designs, Top Floral Designer in NYC

  • Publication date: 12/13/2023
  • Updated: 12/13/2023

Let us take you on a vivid journey through the lush lanes of the best wedding florists in New York City - Pink Jasmine Designs. With vibrant petals and fresh scents surrounding us, we recently had the heartwarming opportunity to delve deeper into the mind of Cristina Duma, the vibrant soul behind this floral wonderland.

From Young Girl to Floral Virtuoso

"I’m Cristina! A lifelong lover of nature, I always knew I loved working with my hands." From a young girl fascinated by the beauty of flowers to a passionate artist dedicated to wedding floristry, her journey is nothing short of a romantic novel. The driving force? "There's something truly magical about creating stunning floral arrangements and transforming spaces for such a special day," Cristina confided.

Deciphering the Trends: What’s Blooming Now?

We just had to ask about the trends. For those like us who eagerly lap up what's new and happening, Cristina's insights were like fresh morning dew. She enthusiastically shared, "I'm particularly excited about sustainable and eco-friendly choices, bold color palettes, textured and organic designs, and unique floral installations." Staying ahead of the game, Cristina is like the Sherlock of floristry, always on the lookout, immersing herself in fashion, interior designs, and everything wedding.

Crafting Floral Fairytales: Every Couple’s Dream

Every couple has a story, and Cristina cherishes them all. The challenge? Transforming these unique tales into floral masterpieces. "Each experience I have had in my career has been memorable in its own unique way," she reminisced. Beginning with in-depth consultations and finishing with the final touch on the wedding day, Cristina ensures every floral arrangement is a mirror reflection of the couple's vision. She stated with emphasis, "It is an honor to be entrusted with the task of bringing their floral dreams to life."

A Balancing Act: Budget and Dreams

Ah, the tightrope of budgeting! But with Cristina, it feels less of a constraint and more of a challenge she's eager to conquer. "Working within a couple's budget while meeting their wedding floral vision involves open communication, creativity, and flexibility," she explained. By prioritizing, repurposing, and focusing on critical elements, Cristina ensures that no couple compromises on their floral aspirations.

In conclusion, if ever there was a symphony of petals and love, it’s being conducted at Pink Jasmine Designs. Cristina’s tale is one of passion, creativity, and a deep-seated love for nature. So next time you yearn for a touch of floral magic, remember the enchanting world Cristina has cultivated. We’re left in awe, and we believe, dear, you will be too.

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