Clary Pfeiffer: Capturing Timeless Emotion Through Photography

  • Publication date: 03/21/2024
  • Updated: 03/21/2024

Ever heard of alchemy in photography? Let us introduce you to one of the top 10 Chicago photographers Clary Pfeiffer. Here's a deeper dive into her journey, her philosophy, and the artistry she brings to the table.

A Philosophy Rooted in Intimacy and Emotion

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

When asked to shed some light on her background and approach, Clary beautifully articulated, "There is an unfading beauty in softly light images filled with intimate emotion, and that is what we work to find in every celebration." Her aim? "Creating a set of photographs that are a timeless piece of art, elegantly representing the unique qualities of each couple."

With a remarkable 15 years under her belt, Clary's style resonates deeply with those looking for a blend of emotion and timeless elegance. But what's the secret sauce, you ask?

Tools of the Trade

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

Armed with her trusty FUJI GFX & Contax 645, Clary believes in the power of the right equipment. These are not just tools; for her, they are instrumental in creating magic. When prodded about her post-processing choices, she firmly stated, "True Greens & Skintones." And as simple as it sounds, this choice truly elevates the vividness and vitality of each memory she captures.

Clary’s Heartbeat: Celebrating Love

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

There's something truly heartwarming about what drives Clary. "Celebrating Couples along with their families & loved ones," she reveals, is what she cherishes the most. With a client-first approach, she ensures comfort, joy, and seamless interactions. "Supportive in creating a comfortable & joyful moments while being non-obtrusive," is her mantra.

Exclusivity and Beyond

Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

Shooting a limited 15 weddings a year, Clary's work exudes exclusivity. She offers a whopping 10 hours of wedding day coverage, paired beautifully with welcome party coverage. But her commitment to customization shines brightly when she adds, "Yes," to working with couples to create a package tailored to their specific needs.

Jet-setting for destination weddings? Absolutely! When asked about her favorite spots, she delightfully shared, "Yes - Paris & Sweden."

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