Cheryl Cole, a New Orleans Professional Photographer, on Crafting Personalized Love Stories

  • Publication date: 02/23/2024
  • Updated: 02/24/2024

"Destination luxury wedding photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana," Cheryl Cole begins, her eyes reflecting the city's vibrancy. "New Orleans is this gorgeous melting pot of cultures, food, drink, music, and art, and being from here I bring that passion and vibrancy into my weddings."

Cheryl and her partner photographer have mastered the art of infusing this unique spirit into their wedding photography. "We are the first people on the dance floor with our clients, and the last to leave. We strive to make our clients feel like "rockstars" on their wedding day and make it an experience of a lifetime." This unique approach allows them to craft galleries that tell a complete story, encapsulating the essence of the wedding day in a way that's as multifaceted and vibrant as New Orleans itself.

The Journey and Style of Cheryl Cole Photography

Cheryl's journey in photography has been a lifelong pursuit, deeply rooted in authenticity and emotion. Their style is a blend of authenticity, emotion, and a burst of colors. Each photograph is a testament to the love and joy experienced on that special day.

By focusing on creating genuine connections, Cheryl and her team ensure that couples feel like the stars of their own story. "We find that building relationships with our clients allows for them to be their true selves on their wedding day. Our relationships with our clients last long after the wedding festivities have passed," Cheryl adds, emphasizing the importance of the human connection in her work.

Personalized Experiences and Client Relationships

Cheryl prides herself on the unique relationships she builds with each couple. "I begin the process building a strong relationship with my clients so that by the time the wedding day comes it is like greeting old friends rather than clients. This allows for us to arrive to the wedding weekend greeting our clients as if we have known them for years rather than vendors," she shares.

Limiting the number of weddings to 24 per year, Cheryl ensures that each couple receives her undivided attention and bespoke service. "By taking a limited amount of weddings each year my clients have unrestricted access to me leading up to their wedding day from phone calls to happy hours," she says.

Their custom packages, particularly for destination weddings, are tailored to meet the specific needs and visions of each couple, making every wedding uniquely memorable. “We do not do hourly packages. We are there with champagne and whiskey for our couples in the morning for prep and do not leave until everyone is heading home after the afterparty. Our destination weddings typically have a minimum of three days and have gone so far as a week and a half we spend with the clients,” she adds.

A World of Weddings: Local and Destination

"New Orleans is our home as well as one of our favorite places in the world but we also love to travel for our work," Cheryl remarks. She and her team have captured love stories in locations as diverse as Italy, Canada, the Cayman Islands, and Mexico. For Cheryl, destination weddings are not just about photography; they're about immersing in different cultures and bringing a piece of New Orleans to weddings around the globe.

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