Chasing Romance of Life: How Lei Lei Clavey Found Her Calling In Wedding Photography

  • Publication date: 04/03/2024

"I first picked up a camera when I was living in New York City in my twenties," Lei Lei Clavey, one of the top wedding photographers in Melbourne recalls. This early encounter was more than just a hobby; it was a rendezvous with destiny. Lei Lei Clavey found herself enamored by the intricate dance of light, composition, and the art of styling an image. 

A Symphony of Love and Light

Photo by Lei Lei Clavey
Photo by Lei Lei Clavey

2020 marked a pivotal year for Lei Lei as she ventured into the realm of wedding photography. Her transition was not merely a change in focus but a passionate embrace of a new artistic expression. "I was drawn to wedding photography and instantly fell in love! Capturing the romance of life, the joy, anticipation, nerves, and excitement of such an incredible day in one’s life is something I hold very dear," she expresses.

Her unique approach, steeped in her fashion editorial background, allows her to create wedding photographs that are not just images but timeless narratives. Her work, showcased in various prestigious publications, echoes her philosophy of capturing life's most precious moments.

The Artistic Process: From Vision to Reality

Photo by Lei Lei Clavey
Photo by Lei Lei Clavey

Describing her style, Lei Lei says, "Romantic, documentary photography captured with an editorial eye sums up my signature style." This style is brought to life with her choice of equipment – a harmonious blend of film and digital. "My editing style is natural and timeless. I try to stay as true to colour as possible," she explains.

When working with clients, Lei Lei places their desires at the forefront. "My clients are the hero of their day, I listen to their desires and offer my recommendations and advice to make it the best day it can be for them," she states. Offering 8-10 hours of coverage, she crafts each proposal to meet the unique needs of her clients, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

Beyond Borders: The World as a Canvas

Photo by Lei Lei Clavey
Photo by Lei Lei Clavey

Lei Lei’s love for photography knows no bounds, literally. She enthusiastically shares her favorite destinations for weddings – the USA, specifically New York City, along with Italy and France. These places have a certain magic that complements her style.

Her advice to clients is simple yet impactful: "Book the creatives you love and trust." This philosophy not only underpins her approach to photography but also resonates with her clients, allowing for a collaborative and trust-filled relationship.


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