Chasing Beautiful Compositions - Serenity Photography's Journey Into Wedding Photography

  • Publication date: 04/04/2024

Serenity Photography, a name synonymous with luxury and fashion wedding photography in Melbourne, is helmed by the extraordinarily talented Anastasia Woolmington. With over two decades of experience in the field, Anastasia has particularly shone in the realm of wedding photography for over ten years. Her journey in photography has been a blend of love, art, and constant evolution. Each wedding, each story is a new canvas for her. She is known for her unmistakable fashion-forward aesthetic, calm energy, personable approach, and love for timeless black & white imagery. Anastasia is highly sought after by decidedly chic couples who want modern wedding photographs that feel graceful, heartfelt, and authentic. 

Embracing Technology and Tradition

Discussing her equipment choices, Anastasia says, "I am a Fujifilm Global Ambassador and have been using Fujifilm medium format cameras for the past 7 years. I also use Contax 645 for my film photography." Her commitment to preserving the natural beauty of her subjects is evident in her post-processing techniques. "I like keeping things natural. True to life colours, analog/film look," she adds. This approach ensures that each photograph retains a timeless quality, echoing the authenticity of the moments captured.

The Joy of Photography

Anastasia describes her style as a "romantic editorial style that blends authentic moments with beautiful compositions." Her philosophy extends beyond the technical aspects of photography. She finds immense joy in the very essence of her profession. "I feel so privileged to meet so many amazing people and their families, to spend my life surrounded by love and joy; and of course to preserve special and beautiful memories for my clients," she reflects. 

Her approach to client interactions is deeply personalized, offering a luxury experience tailored to each couple's unique story. "Every couple is unique, with different priorities and I love getting to know my clients to tailor photography coverage to them," Anastasia explains. Her key advice for a successful photo shoot is thorough planning and open communication, ensuring that every moment is captured flawlessly.

Weddings and Beyond

Anastasia's expertise is not limited to local weddings. She has a special penchant for destination weddings, particularly in Italy, where she brings her unique style to diverse settings. Destination weddings are a thrilling challenge for her, as they combine her love for travel with her passion for photography. Italy, with its romantic landscapes, has a special place in her heart. 

For wedding coverage, Anastasia typically offers 10 hours of service, adding more for destination events to capture the full scope of the celebration. Discussing her pricing, she notes, "My fees depend on wedding location, how many photographers, etc." 

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